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We build it your way from bare bones to complete
For Houseboats, Saltwater or Freshwater.
Guide Boats, Catamarans and so forth
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Shipped by truck and/or container
Order your "Boat in a Box"™ and SAVE time and hassles
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Boat in a Box
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The images below show the assembly of a barge
kit that was designed to be a river crossing ferry.
The kit was shipped
to South America and assembled on site.
River Barge
Assembly started with laying out the three Large Size pontoon
hulls. Notice only the outer two hulls have motor mounts. A standard wood deck was constructed with loading ramps.
Notice the side-console.
Fuel tanks were located in the pontoon hulls,
all hulls were foam filled with extra bulkheads every 2 feet
for extra strength. The barge was later mounted with two 90hp
Honda four stroke outboard engines.
river barge 3

20x53 Oyster Boat WE SHIP GLOBALLY !

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