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Docks and Lifts

A&M manufactures a wide variety of floating docks,
boat hoists, and a low profile fiberglass dock float.
 Below you will find a few examples of the dock related products we offer.

Floating dock houses are available
with several options for flotation.
For floating docks with no boat hoist/lift system
or a light duty hoist/lift system we recommend our NEW Low Profile Fiberglass Float.

 For floating dock houses with heavy duty hoist/lift  systems for larger and heavier boats we recommend a
new system using our Large Pontoon
floatation system (Sealed - Foam filled pontoon hulls).
 New Low Profile Fiberglass Dock Float
A&M's new low profile float make for a more stable dock
and is almost maintenance free.
The fiberglass float is not susceptible to the same problems as polyethylene dock floats.
Polyethylene floats are subject to sun damage, fuel and oil damage, and water damage.
For close to the same investment you can have all the advantages of foam filled fiberglass construction. Please contact us for pricing and information!
Fiberglass Pontoon Flotation for Docks
Basic docks using Standard Size Pontoon floats up to 28ft. long
 Large Pontoon Floats for Large Boat Houses     Large Pontoon Measurements - up to 36' longNote: Docks using X-tra Large hull size built up to 53' in lengthA&M now offers our larger dock houses or
our dock houses with heavy duty boat
hoist/lift systems with Large Size Pontoon floatation.
The pontoons make a sturdier
and safer floating dock house/boat hoist.
Please contact us for pricing and product

Boat Hoist Lift Systems
A&M offers boat hoists/lifts with all of our boat house designs and custom
applications. We have several suppliers of hoists/lifts and below is a sample
of a few systems we more commonly use:

 Boat hoist/Lift systems available for all type and sizes of boats/PWCs
For Sales And Information
Please call Tory at:

1-352-275-6180 cell