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Hulls and Dimensions

A&M Manufacturing builds the following three sizes of pontoon hulls to the customers specified length ;

Our Standard pontoon is usually used for our
Summer Breeze pontoon boats, pontoon replacement
and small floating docks.

Our Large pontoon is used in the construction of our Work Barges and in some of our larger floating docks.

Our Extra Large pontoon is usually used for our largest projects

All of our pontoons are made of hand-laid fiberglass with a gelcoat finish.
Our hulls are stronger, require less maintenance, and are designed to fit almost any application.

Standard Pontoon
Up to 28 feet in length
24ft. long for floating docks/lifts

Large Pontoon
Up to 40 feet in length
36ft. long for floating docks/lifts

X-tra Large Pontoon
Up to 53 feet in length for boats
48ft. long for floating docks/lifts

Options Available for Pontoon Hulls
  • Top sealed - fiberglass covered pontoons
    Gelcoat inside pontoon
    Foam Flotation
    Extra Bulkheads for Heavy Duty Applications

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