12 times in a row, Central Java Provincial Government wins WTP award from BPK RI

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AMPONTOONS.COM, SEMARANG – Under the leadership of Ganjar Pranowo, the Central Java provincial government has again obtained an Unqualified Opinion (WTP) from the Indonesian Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). This WTP award is the 12th consecutive time received by the Central Java Provincial Government.

The WTP’s opinion was presented directly by Indonesian BPK V member Ahmad Noor Supit in Ganjar in Central Java DPRD plenary meeting hall on Monday (22/5/2023). This handover was also witnessed by members and leaders of DPRD, Forkopimda and SKPD in Central Java.

“Based on the findings of the audits that have been carried out by the BPK, including the implementation or action plans that have been made by the Central Java Provincial Government, the BPK has given an unqualified opinion,” said Noor Supit.

Central Java Provincial Government won the 12th WTP title in a row, through the Central Java Provincial Government Regional Government (LKPD) financial report, considered transparent and accountable.

“Thus, the Central Java provincial government was able to defend its opinion unreservedly for the 12th time,” he said.

Supit hopes that this result will be a stimulus to further improve accountability and transparency in regional financial management. Moreover, it also improves the quality of financial reports.

“So it will be an achievement to be proud of, for that we give full praise,” said Noor Supit.

Meanwhile, Governor Ganjar Pranowo in his remarks expressed his appreciation to all his staff in the Central Java Provincial Government as well as the support of the Central Java Provincial DPRD.

“I want to thank the efforts of friends in the provincial government. Maintaining 12 WTP is certainly not easy, although obviously there are records we need to improve on,” Ganjar said.

As for the BPK’s recommendations that need to be followed, Ganjar said that he has mandated the relevant OPDs. The instructions were handed over directly from Ganjar during the handover ceremony.

The Governor of Central Java, who has served two terms, hopes that the relevant OPD will follow up on the three recommendations presented by the BPK and that they can be completed in less than the stipulated time of 60 days.

“Alhamdulillah, comrades immediately moved, which means that this WTP will not become our normal work then. our work must be extraordinary, the governance must still work and the weaknesses registered by the BPK must be corrected. There are 60 days “, he said.

Ganjar even demanded that the documents presented by the BPK be completed in the first week. He called for the BPK’s recommendations not only to be resolved, but also to become assessments and efforts to improve governance that are much better.

“What we record, for example from financial assistance to villages, must be continued in the reports. And today already chased. So, the SMK school, which is still a record holder due to the internship there, it turns out that it is making money So all this time, regulations are needed to provide protection so that there can’t be any indications that point to potential corruption. This needs to be sorted out again,” he added.

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