5 tips for writing interesting, fast and quality blog content

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How do you write interesting, fast and quality blog content? Check out some of these tips!

Have you ever felt like you had an idea again to write content on a blog, you already sat down, opened your laptop, started typing, but the words didn’t even come out.

If the answer is yes, then we are the same!

As a person bloggersI have many ideas about what I want to write on my blog.

But when I started writing, I wrote one sentence, it just didn’t feel right.

Eventually I canceled again. The point is to write just one article, it takes hours.

So, I finally tried to find a way to write interesting and quality blog content that was also instantaneous in the sense that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time on it.

1. Determine the topic first

When writing an article, we will certainly determine what topic to write about.

Choose an appropriate topic interest AND passion You.

Why is this important? To motivate you to keep creating new content related to the things you like.

The topic you choose should also provide information and benefit to others.

Write for readers, not just yourself.

For example, I am niche-she on voyage.

If you read my blog, most of the content I write is about experience travelling me and also tips related to travelling.

I have notes on Notes What topics do I want to write about?

This is the topic you will organize as the title of your blog.

Create a headline that is interesting and relevant to the content.

2. List of important points, try these tips for writing content!

After determining the topic, what I usually do is make a list of important points.

You can read my writings about my experience studying in China.

Before writing the entire content content, I will first list a few points that I want to share as you can see below.

So why do I suggest making important points first?

For authors or bloggersit will be very useful because you know what the core of what you want to write is, so it’s just a matter of developing it.

Even writing content becomes smoother and faster, because you already have clear ideas about what you want to write.

For readers, just by looking at this point they also immediately know what the article is about.

Make it easy for them to find the answers or information they’re looking for.

These points will become the subheadings of your blog.

Search engines will like this, because your content is structured neatly and clearly, i.e. good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

From wordpress the title of the article is automatically H1 (Heading 1).

Going back to my content image above, you can see that there are numbers next to it using H2 (Heading 2) the one with the bullet is H3 (Heading 3).

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3. Do more research to write more detailed blog content

To make writing interesting and quality blog content easier, you obviously need to have a good understanding of the topic you want to write about.

To make it smoother, you can read other sites to get inspiration for your content.

When there are things you don’t understand or want to learn more about. do a search for information to become a reference.

It’s okay to take information from other sites as long as they aren’t copydough and include a referral link to the site.

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4. Develop the points into paragraphs

Well, you already know this topic. They also made a list of important points. Then I read it so I understand better.

It’s time to develop the points you’ve organized into paragraphs.

Develop the plot, it can be in the form of a story, provide information or give examples to make it easier to understand.

Use good spelling and good language. You can use a relaxed style of speaking, but don’t abbreviate it.

It is also advisable to use short paragraphs. More precisely a paragraph contains only 1 or 2 sentences.

Don’t combine everything into one fat paragraph.

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5. Add supporting photos

This section could be more optional yes. If you have supporting photos, you can tooto attach in your blog article to make it more interesting.

There are readers who prefer to look at photographs.

Upload photos that are of good quality but not too large in size so they don’t slow you down loading time blog.

Even the name of the photo should be replaced with the appropriate title, you can also add an interesting caption.

These are some tips for writing interesting and quality blog content in a short time.

When I apply these tips, even a 500 word article in less than an hour is done.

For longer articles, such as 1,500 – 2,500 words, it may take around 2-3 hours.

In fact, producing quality content is not easy, it takes ideas, research and even time.

Last but not least, consistent is important! The more often you write, the better your content will be.

Read my interview with Travellerien, one of the female bloggers in Indonesia who also provides tips on how to blog consistently.

Hopefully, by reading some of the tips above, you can write interesting and quality blog content!

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