5 Tips To Manage THR So You Can Get Eid Holidays

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Tips for managing THRHey Aladdin! Eid is coming soon, have you received your Holiday Allowance (THR) yet? If you already have it, don’t rush it, okay! Because THR can be used for various purposes before, during and after Eid. Already have plans for the Eid holiday but afraid your budget is not enough? Here, Mister, tell me 5 ways to manage THR so you can still have a safe and comfortable vacation.

Separate use of THR and salary

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The THR usually drops before your payday date, so you can use the THR money for needs before and during Eid, as well as planning post-Eid vacations. Then, only when it’s payday, you can use it for routine monthly expenses or as an add-on. If you are smart in managing it, you can have more budget, you know!

Prepare an emergency fund

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An emergency fund is essential for sudden and urgent needs. So, don’t forget to set aside your THR for the emergency fund budget, okay? Because we definitely don’t want to waste or run out of budget when we need to. Especially if this happens during the holidays, well, don’t let it happen!

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Don’t waste too much when you go shopping

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After receiving THR money, we are definitely looking forward to shopping, right? So, it’s better to check those wishes because you are afraid that your budget will run out quickly. Because in addition to the holidays, you will of course also spend a lot on Eid. Therefore, you can create a priority list of needs so that budget expenses are clearer.

Zakat and charity

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Bringing THR before Eid shouldn’t be used just for fun. As a Muslim, you must also set aside funds for zakat or almsgiving. You can pay zakat fitrah in the form of cash, rice or basic food of 2.5kg or 3.5 liters per person.

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Saving the profit base! Have you ever heard of the 50-30-20 method? According to financial experts, this method divides 50% for basic needs, 30% for wants and 20% for savings. Wow, if you can be disciplined in applying this method, sure you can Rescue a lot of budget!

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