6 super exciting islands in Labuan Bajo

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6 Labuan Bajo IslandHey Aladdin! Already been to Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT)? It’s a shame if you didn’t. Because Labuan Bajo is one of the top 5 super priority destinations in Indonesia, i.e. the tourist destinations that have priority to become “New Bali”. That’s why Labuan Bajo must be your super travel destination! One of the world famous attractions of Labuan Bajo is Komodo Island. But, besides this, there are still no less beautiful islands, you know. Want to know something?

Komodo Island

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Komodo Island is one of the 3 islands that are part of the Komodo National Park. So far there are 2500 Komodo dragons spread over 3 large islands and surrounding small islands. In 2011, this island was named one of the “7 Wonders of the World”.

Kalong Island

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This island is one of the small islands within the Komodo National Park area. As the name suggests, this island is home to thousands of large bats (bats) which usually emerge from the nest at dusk. The best time to visit Kalong Island is late afternoon to evening so you can enjoy the exotic sunset and see the bats. to stain sunset on Kalong Island, this is the most beautiful place in the Komodo National Park area.

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Moringa Island

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This island is famous for its mesmerizing marine life. You can snorkel to see hundreds of fish species and colorful coral reefs. From the city of Labuan Bajo, you can reach this island by boat in 30 minutes. Apart from that, this island is quite peaceful and the sand is soft, so it’s perfect for those who want to take a break to ease their mind!

Padar Island

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Even though it is located in Komodo National Park and is one of the 3 largest islands, Padar Island is not inhabited by Komodo dragons. So, even if you can’t find these ancient animals on this island, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, one of which is Pink Beach. You can also trek up the hill and then after you get to the top of the hill you will be treated with the view of blue sea and green islands.

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Kanawa Island

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Want to experience the feeling of a private island vacation? Just visit Kanawa Island! Previously this island was in fact privately managed by an Italian citizen, but then it was transferred to local residents. With an entrance fee of only IDR 5,000, you can enjoy various super activities on this island such as snorkeling, underwater photography, see Sunrise AND sunset, hikingand other activities.

Rinca Island

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If Komodo Island has more forest, then Rinca Island has more savannah. On this island you can visit Kampung Rinca and Kampung Karora to mingle with the local community. One of the coolest activity on this island is that you can plant mangroves to preserve the environment around the island. Mangrove seeds can be labeled with our name, you know. So, if you go back to this island, you can find out how far the mangroves you planted have progressed.

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