7 hidden waterfalls in Lombok to visit

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In fact, Lombok has so many adventure attractions to visit. In part it is a beautiful waterfall. Just like these 7 hidden waterfalls in Lombok that you must visit when you are here! Well, after all, it is never boring to visit the island of Lombok.

Besides being famous for its beaches, Lombok is also famous for its beautiful hills which enclose its natural area. Of course, the location is in the hills, making Lombok also has many beautiful waterfall destinations for adventure.

Here are 7 hidden waterfalls in Lombok that you must visit on your adventure vacation!

1. Tiu Kelep Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Senaru village, Bayan, North Lombok. It is 42 meters high and the pool water under the waterfall is not too deep. Here you can swim while taking pictures underwater. The atmosphere is so relaxing.

In the Sasak language, the name of the waterfall Tiu Kelep means “fly”. This illustrates the conditions of Tiu Kelep waterfall frothing water flying in the wind. If you want to visit this hidden waterfall in Lombok, you have to drive about 60km from Mataram.

2. Mangku Sakti Waterfall

This hidden waterfall in Lombok is located exactly in Sajang village, East Lombok. This waterfall is relatively new to travellers, not many people know about this waterfall. But local people know it as Mangku Sakti Waterfall.

Why is the name Mangku Sakti? because once there was a magical ascetic who stayed in this place until his death. To reach it, you will need 5 hours drive from Mataram City by motorbike. At Mangku Sakti waterfall you will find the true beauty of lombok. There is also a vast savanna lawn that makes you feel peaceful and comfortable.

3. Uncle Pupas waterfall

The waterfall which has a height of 50 meters is located in Dusun Keruak, Desa Genggaleng, Kecamatan Gangga. The name ‘Tiu’ means big puddles and ‘Pupas’ means roots of trees which usually live in forests or mountains. In this place you will be presented with a panoramic view of the mountains which truly amazes everyone. As the location is quite remote, the waterfall is rarely visited. Well this is your chance to experience the real adventure in Lombok without any disturbance.

4. Joben waterfall

Joben Falls is often known as Otak Kokok Gading. This hidden waterfall in Lombok has a height of 5 meters. The water comes from the roots of Banjur trees which are hundreds of years old. Locals believe that this waterfall can cure the disease and if the water foam turns white, it means your body is affected by the disease. This waterfall is located in Montong Betok village, Montong Gading district, East Lombok.

5. Tiu Teja Waterfall

Lombok waterfall which has a height of 40 meters is located in Santong village, Kecamatan Kayangan. The meaning of its very name is Rainbow, because sometimes during the day Tiu Teja will emit bias from the sun. Here you can swim and play with water until you are satisfied. To reach it, you have to travel 1 hour from Bangsal, Lombok. Although the access road to this place is quite easy, it is better to use a vehicle in good condition.

6. Batara Lejang Waterfall

This waterfall is located upstream of Tiu Kelep waterfall and Sendang Gile. The place is still very beautiful and natural. In this place you can take a shower in a very cold and fresh water. In addition, you will also be presented with spectacular views of Lombok’s natural scenery.
Also, since the location is very remote, not many people visit this waterfall. So sometimes this can be your private waterfall. To reach Batara Lejang Waterfall, you have to overcome the path to Mount Rinjani. The journey will take 30 minutes from the first checkpoint.

7. Sendang Gile Waterfall

The waterfall which has a height of 35 meters is located in the Mount Rinjani trekking area. The water is clear and cold. Another beauty that you can get at Sendang Gile Waterfall is that you will see various trees and plants which are very amazing. Locals believe that if you take a shower or wash your face in Sendang Gile waterfall, you will stay young.

To achieve this, you have to pass 500 steps which can be considered quite strenuous. But that was his concern; tired at first, enjoy later. Don’t worry if you are hungry, right on the edge of the waterfall is a shop called Rumah Makan Senaru which supplies various food and drinks.

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