98 activists urge DPR to immediately pass asset confiscation bill and fix gross human rights violations

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Activist Solidarietà 98 believes that the reform process does not always go smoothly.

Along the way, there have been frequent hijinks that have continued to try to divert the direction of reform.

“These hijackers are elements of the old forces who are trying to get back to power with the economic and political networks they have at their disposal. statement at Utan Kayu Theater., Jakarta on Saturday (20/5/2023).

Fendry Ponomban said the reform is like a broom that cleans up dirt.

However, cleanup efforts have not been completed. The reform is not finished. There are still many tasks that need to be taken up by the younger generation to accomplish them.

“We cannot stand idly by with the older generation which is old. It is the duty of the younger generation to play a role. We must be fair in looking at the results of the reform. Any change always produces waste and waste, but we cannot deny the positive values “, has continued.

He pointed out that many positive changes have been experienced by the Indonesian nation. Especially in the last 10 years.

He exemplified the passion and hard work to complete the foundation of a modern nation through massive infrastructure development.

Where we agree that there is no big and developed country without good and adequate infrastructure.

“However, there is one problem which is still our collective task. The big task is: to eradicate corruption,” added Activist Solidarity ’98.

Until now, reforms have not been able to resolve serious human rights violations.

The perpetrators go unpunished, so it is very difficult to be brought to justice. Consequently, the blood of the 1998 student victims cannot be paid for in full.

Mothers whose children are abandoned every Thursday still wait for the goddess of justice to come to them. Their tears have been shed during the 25 years of reform.

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In response to the nation’s situation and the 25-year path of reform in Indonesia, Activist Solidarity ’98 must express the following attitude:

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