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Lombok’s picturesque west side features many small independent bays separated by hills. They form many beautiful beaches, which become a perfect setup for tropical resorts.

Without a doubt, Jeeva Klui is my favorite choice.

I have had more than 10 previous stays at Jeeva Klui. I love this resort very much. It looks very beautiful, bringing the perfect vibe of being tribal and rustic. However, it’s the people who made this place. Everyone in Jeeva is very attentive, full of smile and is always sincere in trying to do their best.

Its price, in the range of ~150usd/night, is really a bargain when you consider their level of service, which is the best you can expect in this area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLombok.

After a quick check-in process, I was escorted to the beach suite. This is my favorite room in Jeeva.

The entrance is wonderful; a perfect front porch with sofa overlooking flat grassy lot, beach and tranquil ocean out front.

Inside, very spacious room with large beds and simple but beautiful brown tiles, decorated with a traditional but comfortable touch. Very nice, at the back, a generous dressing room with outdoor shower.

Below is a video from my stay there.

Jeeva Klui faces west. That means an epic sunset view right from your porch or their nice beach restaurant. During this stay, I chose the latter.

And what a show nature put on that day. Golden yellow sky, followed by orange purple sky with clear view of distant Mount Agung in Bali.

Remember my comment about the excellent staff and service? Well, I didn’t even need to tell her, but there I was, with a surprise cake. They knew it was my birthday even though I didn’t tell anyone beforehand.

In the Sasak language, Jeeva translates as “soul”. In both materials and manners, Jeeva truly reflects the “soul” of Indonesia and its local community, a soul filled with warmth and comfort. This is why you will love Jeeva.


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