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One of the points of Bukit Jaddih Tourism, a former limestone quarry that has been transformed into a picnic spot

I am a lover of natural beauty. While I also enjoy historical tourism, nothing can make my chest beat harder when I look at the face of nature which is full of wonders. Like when I am faced with the beauty of Jaddih Hill in Bangkalan Madura Regency, I can’t stop thinking how could the face of the earth be like this?

The great thing is that I found this destination thanks to navigation on Google Maps. Since I was too bored and didn’t know what to do in Surabaya anymore, I casually opened the maps

Find the beauty of Jaddih Hill from Google Maps

The Jaddih Hill location is great for photography and selfies

As we all know, Google Maps is a very useful application for mobile creatures like us. This application allows users to know the location and driving directions easily. So I’m looking for natural tourist attractions in Madura which are located not far from Surabaya.

Then Uncle Google opened his warehouse. Like saying if you want to find information about some tourist attraction, look at the yellow stars that were made by other people.

It didn’t take long for my eyes to fall on Arobaya Limestone Hill and Jaddih Hill. Looking for more information, she decided to take her husband and children to the two tourist spots. Equally limestone hills, limestone quarries that are still in operation, but some of them have been converted into tourist attractions.

Then, chartering an Avanza, the three of us crossed the Madura Strait via the Suramadu Bridge, stopped briefly for lunch at Bebek Sinjay and then continued our journey to Arosbaya Hill and then to Jaddih Hill. I will talk about Arosbaya in another post.

Attractions in Jaddih Hill, Bangkalan, Madurai

Puddles of bluish green water and bruises of limestone hills

Jaddih Hill, a limestone hill located in Jakan area, Parseh, Socah, Bangkalan Regency, East Java. One of the most popular tourist destinations in East Java. Unusual landscape. Some of the limestone mining sites have been abandoned and some are still in operation.

The main beauty of Jaddih Hill is indeed the limestone formations. Followed by lakes, swimming pools, ex-excavated caves. The aura is exotic because the scars on nature’s scarred face are still there, but they have been cleaned up for tourism purposes, so they are now visually beautiful.

There is a theory that explains why we are fascinated by the beauty of nature. One is the theory of evolution, which states that we are fascinated by the beauty of nature because features such as green landscapes, water or open landscapes have become indicators for humans that these places can provide the resources necessary for survival.

Perhaps that is why, even though the scenic beauty of Jaddih Hill appears to be a man-made destination, with strong visual and aesthetic appeal, it is still a fascinating natural attraction.

Exploration of the beauty of Jaddih hills of Madura

Panoramic photo of Jaddih hill

So, when you come to this place, let nature stimulate your brain. Leave room for the curiosity to explore the area. In addition to feeling connected to the place around us, it will also improve our mental and emotional well-being.

Be it for photography or just for a selfie, don’t forget to ask Akamsi to drive you there. They will take you to interesting places that will make your target thank you.

While taking photos or being photographed, imagine that Jaddih Hill has a long history. Formed from hardened marine limestone about 23 million years ago during the Tertiary era.

Blue and green puddles

The location is nice for selfie photos

A point that will look really nice in the picture, one of which is because of the puddles. Distinctive blue color Derived from underground sources that flow through limestone rocks, carrying with them the mineral content of calcium carbonate dissolved in the water. As the water flows through the limestone, the minerals react with the carbon dioxide to form chemical compounds called carbonates. The carbonate then forms solid particles called sedimentary carbonate

Then came the sunlight and the carbonate sedimentary particles at the bottom of the water beautifully returned the blue waves of sunlight.

That’s why the blue color is more clearly visible when the weather is sunny and full of sunlight. The combination of high calcium carbonate minerals and the reflection of sunlight is what gives the water at Jaddih Hill a beautiful blue color.

In addition there is also a pool of green water.

Stagnant green water in Bukit Kapur Jaddih area in Bangkalan, Madura is probably caused by algae or algae growth on the surface of the water. Algae or algae can thrive in water that contains a lot of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen, which can come from agricultural waste or household waste that enters the water source.

It is really cute!

Beyond that, there are the Pote Caves, Petruk Caves, steps of stairs cut directly into the limestone, and a trail that will take you to view Jaddih Hill from above. Not to forget the holes in the cliffs of the excavations, really nice for selfie photos.

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How to go and entrance ticket prices

To go to Jaddih Hill in Bangkalan, Madurai from Surabaya, there are several transportation options to choose from. When I use a rental vehicle. The most suitable thing is to follow Google Maps. But more or less like this:

  1. Private vehicle – Friends can drive using private vehicle from Surabaya to Bukit Jaddih. The possible routes are the following:
  • From within the city of Surabaya the vehicle immediately hurried towards the Suramadu-Bangkalan Bridge. After the stop for lunch, straight to your destination.
  • Just follow the main road until you come to Jaddih Hill. The road is already good
  1. Public transport
  • Friends can take a bus or travel from Bungurasih Surabaya terminal to Bangkalan. Then, take public transport in the form of microbus or moto taxi to Jaddih Hill.
  • Another alternative is to use a ferry from Ujung Surabaya Port to Kamal Port, Bangkalan. After that, you can take a motorbike taxi or private vehicle to Jaddih Hill.

The journey from Surabaya to Jaddih Hill takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on traffic conditions and the chosen mode of transport. Be sure to prepare well and pay attention to available transport times.

Ticket price

The beauty of Jaddih Madura Hill can be achieved with generally quite affordable ticket prices. From around IDR 5,000 to IDR 10,000 per person. But the ticket price can change at any time. It depends on the holiday or not and also depends on the resort manager’s policy. In order for the journey to be comfortable, it is better to check the information on the ticket price again before leaving.

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