Abepura Jayapura Regional Hospital Fires, Deputy Chief of Papua Police and Fire Brigade explains below

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAYAPURA – A fire broke out in the storage warehouse of Abepura Hospital, Jayapura City, Papua on Tuesday (9/5/2023) afternoon.

Papua Police Mobile Brigade and Jayapura City Police helped evacuate patients at Abepura Regional General Hospital (RSUD) when a storage warehouse was engulfed in flames on Tuesday (9/5/2023) .

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Wakapolda Papua Brigadier General pol. Ramdani Hidayat said that when there was a fire, his party responded by prioritizing initial management, namely the evacuation of patients and medical staff.

“We set up an emergency tent and provided a sleeping mat and then coordinated the technical evacuation,” Ramdani told reporters in Abepura.

Apart from that, Ramdani said, his party has also coordinated with the hospital so that they can provide adequate places for the patients.

“The burnt buildings were only the logistics building and the children’s ward, the others were not affected by the fire,” Ramdani said.

At the same place, Abepura Hospital Deputy Director of General Affairs and Finance, Petrus Benyamin Pepuho, said a patient had died.

“Those who died were due to the patient’s health, not the fire,” he said.

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Benyamin said about 100 patients had been evacuated from the building.

“Almost all the patients in the treatment room were evacuated out of the building, about 100 patients, for burn victims there were zero,” he added.

Explanation of fire

Jayapura city fire chief Margaretha Veronika Kirana said the fire started in a storage warehouse.

Fire engulfed part of the Emergency Department (IGD) Abepura Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Tuesday (9/5/2023) afternoon.
Fire engulfed part of the Emergency Department (IGD) Abepura Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Tuesday (9/5/2023) afternoon. (Tribun-Papua.com/Hendrik Rewapatara)

“The fire was at 2.49pm WIT, the fire started from the storage warehouse,” he told reporters at the scene.

According to him, based on the officers’ reports, thick smoke began to appear from the second floor.

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