Acceptance of New Independent Pathways for Students, University of Indonesia 2023: Schedule and Schedule

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Program for the registration of independent paths for the admission of new students to the University of Indonesia (UI) in 2023.

The UI 2023 Independent Path is for professional, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Quoted from of new students through the independent route at UI is 50 percent of total capacity for 2023.

In full, here is the enrollment calendar for new student admissions to UI in 2023:

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1. PPKB 2023 user interface

– Registration: May 22-June 22, 2023

– Announcement: July 3, 2023

2. SIMAK user interface for university and professional programs

– Registration: June 5-July 6, 2023

– Selection exam: 9 July 2023

– Announcement: July 21, 2023.

3. SIMAK KKI user interface for international class university program

– Registration: May 22-June 22, 2023

– Selection exam: 25 June 2023

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