Ade Fitrie Kirana rejects many offers to join political parties here is why

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Fauzi Alamsyah

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Role of artist Ade Fitrie Kirana admits that she has been given many opportunities to join political parties as a legislative candidate for DPR, Provincial DPRD and Regency or City DPRD.

The woman who is also the general president of the Foundation for the Protection of Women and Children (YPPA) also pointed out that she had turned down the offer for several reasons.

“Alhamdulillah, as a citizen I am happy that this five-year democratic party is functioning more dynamically. Yes, there are several presidents and political party administrators who have met and we have talked intimately. They have offered me to become a legislative candidate, but I don’t I accepted the offer as I had considered many things,” Ade Fitrie Kirana told the media crew when she met in South Jakarta on Monday (22/5/2023).

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One reason is that Ade Fitrie Kirana has chosen to focus on caring for social issues related to women and children from the foundation she chairs.

This consideration is why he thinks twice before returning to politics.

However, Ade Fitrie has no doubts that the simultaneous general elections to be held in 2024 will become a stage for women politicians.

“If we go back, Indonesia had its first female president since the proclamation of independence. Obviously this makes us proud, because it shows women’s empowerment and shows that Pancasila democracy is really implemented in Indonesia,” she said Ade Fitrie Kirana.

“So, the people of Indonesia are no strangers to politicians and women leaders who have made various changes for the welfare of the nation, starting with ideas and continuing with concrete works,” continued Ade Fitrie Kirana.

It is known that this soap opera star who is known to the public for her role in Islam KTP once ran as a candidate for DKI Jakarta DPRD in the 2019 general election.

This experience has made him attract a lot of attention from political parties wishing to compete in the upcoming 2024 election.

But so far he admits that he has no intention of returning to work in a political party.

“The spirit and love for our Motherland as Indonesians with the identity of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, must continue to be cared for so that it continues to grow so that in the future Indonesia can be sure that it is completely done with issues of difference, being differences of religion, race, ethnicity and more. This is a democratic party, a moment in which people are free to make choices. Do not create divisions among the children of the nation”, he concluded.

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