AKBP Achiruddin silences witnesses regarding the existence of long-barreled firearms

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AMPONTOONS.COM, WHILE – Achiruddin Hasibuan, the former head of the North Sumatra Police’s Drug Unit, AKBP, is known to have withheld Rs 1 million in connection with the presence of long-barreled firearms.

AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan wanted the witness to deny seeing a long-barreled firearm, but it was only a toy weapon.

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The Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK) revealed that the long-barreled firearm used at AKBP Achiruddin’s residence when the persecution took place was an official police weapon.

The black weapon was brought by Niko, under orders from AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan who ordered him to carry the weapon under the bed when Ken and Aditya were fighting.

β€œIt is also used by civilians. So obviously the police, for ethics or criminality, have a formula for National Police Headquarters. We communicated with Pak Dir, which is an official weapon that belongs to the police,”​​ LPSK Vice President Edwin Partogi said.

LPSK urged North Sumatra Police to thoroughly investigate how long barreled firearms could be held by civilians to make threats.

Hence, they also asked the North Sumatra Police to trace how the flow of service weapons was carried by the AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan.

According to the information obtained, AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan has possessed the weapon since he served as the head of the Narcotics Research Directorate for the North Sumatra Police.

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“Of course, the investigators have to investigate, especially in the ethical process, whether the use of long-barreled weapons, service weapons are often used or used at events, which means that the use was in accordance with procedures or not What we have heard is such information (from Kanit),” he said.

In the scene on Monday May 8, 2023, it was revealed that AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan had bribed Rp’s Niko Saputra. 1 million as money to keep your mouth shut.

In this 25th scene, Achiruddin gives money in his hotel at Jalan Letda Sujono Medan.

The money was given to Niko to be split in half with Raja Inal Siregar, Rp. 500,000 per person.

Udin asked the two to keep their mouths shut if prosecutors investigated after abuse victim Ken Admiral reported to police.

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With so much money, the former head of the Deliserdang Police Narcotics Unit asked the two witnesses that if questioned by the police about the firearms they should answer that they were toy guns, according to the scenario of buying a toy gun on December 24 at a toy shop on Jalan AR Hakim, Medan City.

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