Ambulu village chief Jember collapses on stage and dies while singing with singers

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JEMBER – A village chief from Ambulu, Jember, East Java, died as he was about to sing with the singers.

Ambulu village chief Jember Mulyono suddenly collapsed on stage and died.

Mulyono collapsed suddenly while singing with a singer on stage on Sunday (21/5/2023), according to

Ambulu Police Chief AKP Suhartanto confirmed the village chief’s death.

According to him, the incident occurred on Sunday night.

“It happened on Sunday night,” he told via phone on Monday (5/22/2023).

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At the time, Mulyono was taking part in reception activities for one of his villagers who auditioned for a dangdut singer at a TV station.

Even though the residents had been eliminated from the race and returned to Jember, their arrival was still welcomed.

This is to lift his heart and give him encouragement.

In this activity Mulyono also sang.

“The village head took part in the activity, that is, he also sang with the singers who completed the activities,” Suhartanto said.

Before attending the singer’s welcoming ceremony, Mulyono had quite a busy schedule.

Mulyono is said to have attended Muspika activities (sub-district leadership meetings), then visited his relative’s house in Banyuwangi.

Later, she took part in welcoming residents who were eliminated in the dangdut contest audition.

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