Appeals Commission judges Teddy Minahasa expected to see evidence, not the confession

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Teddy Minahasa has finally escaped the death penalty.

The West Jakarta District Court jury sentenced the defendant to life in prison for misappropriating evidence related to methamphetamine.

Related to this, forensic psychologist, Reza Indragiri agrees that drugs are indeed a serious problem.

“Drug dealers, let alone for life, are OK with the death penalty, especially if the perpetrators are law enforcement officers,” said Reza, who was an expert witness at Teddy’s trial, in his statement received Thursday (5 11/20/23).

Even so, he still respects the decision of the West Jakarta District Court judge. Although there were a number of loopholes that he saw in the judge’s decision, mostly based on witness testimony.

“The witness who is also the defendant is Dody Prawiranegara (DP). Obviously, with this dual status, the DP will present information that benefits him,” Reza said.

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As he said some time ago, the testimony of witnesses is the element that has the greatest potential to damage the truth discovery process and the trial. Therefore, if the former West Sumatra regional police chief appeals, he hopes the high court judge’s decision depends more on the evidence.

“Because I focus on the prosecutor’s handwriting in the manuscript of his charges, the judge agrees with the prosecutor’s claims that TM did not order to do so. The judge believes TM participated with Dody,” Reza said.

All things being equal, since Teddy has been sentenced to life in prison, Reza predicts that Dody’s sentence will also be the same if he is found guilty.

However, Reza again stressed the need for an explanation from the police regarding the evidence against Teddy. One of them is alum.

“Alum, which is said to be used as a replacement for methamphetamine, where is it now?” Reza asked.

Then authentic meth in Jakarta with meth in Bukittinggi.

“If it’s different, it means it’s not the result of elimination. So where does the meth come from?” Rezza said.

Former Bukittinggi Police Chief Dody Prawiranegara is known to have undergone a urine test.

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