Ask the SOEs that produce Alustsita, Observer: “We export, we don’t import”

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Report by Tribunnews journalist, Ibriza Fasti Ifhami

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The executive director of the Indonesian Public Institute (IPI), Karyono Wibowo, has asked the state-owned enterprises (BUMN) in charge of the tool manufacturing industry of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (Alutsista) not to import weapons.

Karyono said this is to reduce Indonesia’s dependence on arms exporting countries.

“So that you don’t become dependent if you are dependent, for example by buying x weapons from X country. So in a situation where there is a conflict over the territory or a war, then the exporting country takes the side, right? Ours weapons can be boycotted, bullets are not given, it needs independence,” Karyono said, in the discussion on “Between Defense Ministry’s Budget and Performance” in Menteng, Central Jakarta, on Friday (12/5/2023) .

In connection with this, Karyono said, it is necessary to increase the budgetary and supervisory function of state-owned enterprises that produce weapons.

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Because, if SOE can work optimally, it will reduce import dependency.

Moreover, according to him, this step will also save the budget.
“There needs to be more leverage for BUMN to produce the land industry, for example Pindad is being developed again, it’s still not optimal,” he said.

“If necessary, we export, we don’t import, this is the vision of the concept of self-sufficiency in the Soekarno era, which means independence,” continued Karyono.

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