BAC nominates more than 2,100 participants on Supports audit of Al Jabbar mosque

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Tribunnews reporter, Erik Sinaga

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA– Beyond Anti Corruption (BAC) has revealed that more than 2,100 accounts have supported the construction of the Al Jabbar mosque in Gebe Bage, Bandung city, West Java.

Dedi Haryadi, coordinator of the BAC, said he started the petition on the platform.

“We thank the people who supported this petition (which we started). The support of these two thousand people is not a small amount. Therefore, we must continue this support to BPK R, according to the pledge from the very beginning,” said Dedi , in a written statement received in Jakarta, on Monday (8/5/2023).

He also said that the large number of people who participated in the petition was one of the reasons why the BPK immediately controlled the Al Jabbar mosque.

Furthermore, Dedi said that the amount of support demonstrates that the people of West Java are still concerned about the importance of local government transparency for any use of public funds or budgets.

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He also aired a number of problems the BAC suspected in the construction of the Al Jabbar mosque. Among these, according to them, the extent of the budget for the construction of the mosque is not clear.

BAC’s investigation into APBD documents of West Java province, it was found that the mosque construction budget could reach a value of IDR 1.6 trillion, consisting of IDR 430 billion for land acquisition and 1 IDR .2 trillion for the physical construction of the mosque.

“However, Ridwan Kamil, as the governor of West Java, has repeatedly stated that the construction of this mosque has reached only 1 trillion rupees. This significant difference in the figures shows the unclear data regarding the mosque construction budget.” , he has declared.

BAC hopes that public support will not stop with the report being made to BPK RI. Dedi hopes that everyone in the company can continue to provide support so that BPK immediately conducts an audit of the Al Jabbar mosque development project.

“To be able to continue providing support, the public can sign and disseminate a petition by BAC on the page with the title ‘Encouraging BPK to Control the Construction of Al Jabbar Mosque,'” he said.

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