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Believe it or not, you can visit some of the best beaches in Bali in one day (Indonesian Backpackers) – “South Bali is very vast, sometimes I am really confused when my friends ask me how to explore Bali beaches in one day”

It is true that Bali has many beaches to explore, the bad thing is that when you have only a little time to explore this divine island, Bali. So you have to choose carefully which beach in Bali you should visit. The good news that I will give you a hint on how to make your Bali beach hunt more efficient. Stay tuned and read this post till the end 🙂

Bali Beach Hunting – Enjoy the sunrise at Sanur Beach

There are dozens of beaches in South Bali but still Sanur Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali to watch the sunrise. This beach is the closest or sunrise watching. From Kuta and Denpasar area, Sanur beach is less than 30 minutes, close enough, right?

Just make sure you don’t stay up too late the night before or go clubbing too much in Legian, as you might wake up too late to see the sunrise. You should be at Sanur Beach around 5:30am, ensuring you have the best sunrise vantage point. Better to come early than late, Sanur beach tends to get crowded in the morning. I always come at 4am, just because I want to secure the best place to take pictures. you know, hunting Sanur beach sunrise photos is really fun!

Bali Beach Hunting: Turtle Beach in Serangan Island

At noon, when the sun rises, the attractions of Sanur Beach are over, the next beach to visit is Turtle Beach in Serangan Island attack. No need to use boat to cross Serangan Island. The island is already connected to the mainland of Bali by a bridge.

Once upon a time, in Serangan Island, it was planned to build a large resort, after carrying out large-scale land reclamation around the island. However, today’s reality Serangan Island is more popular with Turtle Beach as a place for foreigners and locals to surf. Test your surfing skills here are really recommended, or you could even try to conquer the waves at this beach. Well, if you don’t know how to surf, you can just watch the surfers here.

Going to Turtle Beach, you will be charged a ticket totaling IDR 3000 (data in 2012), IDR 1000 for entry to Serangan Island and IDR 2000 for Turtle Beach. I’ll give you some pointers if you bring a DSLR camera for personal purposes and not for publications or anything else. It is better to put your DSLR camera in your bag, because sometimes the camera has been considered for commercial purposes. As a result, the charge you have to pay for the camera was quite expensive. But, if it is for business purpose, you should pay for it, it will help the development of Serangan Island.

Bali Beach Hunt: Lunch in Jimbaran Bay

Hunting the beaches in South Bali in one day can make you really tired and hungry as well. especially after visiting the last two beaches. Well, this third one is best visited at noon, when your stomach is already rumbling. Why, in Jimbaran Bay you can not only see the waves, the water, but you can also hunt for fresh seafood, then eat it by the sea. Sounds really interesting huh?

Most people know that Jimbaran Bay is only great for dinner but I said that Jimbaran is not only great for dinner but also great for lunch by the sea. Anyway, having lunch in Jimbaran is so exciting! You can hunt for fresh fish at the Kedonganan Fish Market near Jimbaran, and then eat it while enjoying the breeze of Jimbaran Bay. Also, the price is much lower in kedonganan fish market.

Bali Beach Hunt: Relax in Padang – Padang Beach

After noon, when the sun is not too hot, looking for a beach to relax before watching the sunset is the right choice. Luckily South Bali has beaches with easy access like Padang – Padang Beach. Though its location is a bit remote, but the access to this place is very convenient, its location just on the roadside, and quite close to Jimbaran.

This beach has become famous since Julia Roberts shot her film “Eat, Pray, Love” here. Well, actually this was already famous before Julia Robert made her film here. Why Padang – Padang beach itself is naturally beautiful and a really nice place to swim or play in the water.

Bali Beach Hunt: Enjoy the sunset at Suluban beach

Enjoying the sunset in southern Bali is the best thing about activities on this tropical island. Peaceful, romantic, admiration for the nature paintings of divine creation, all are wrapped up in one. And the south of Bali has many beautiful beaches where you can spend the evening, waiting for the sunset with a friend or lover.

Well, among the many beaches in South Bali, Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach is one of the best. Besides seeing the beautiful sunsets of southern Bali, you can also enjoy the professional surfers riding the waves here. Watching the sunset in Suluban was a complete package, you could watch the sunset while watching the people surfing! Interested!?

Bali Beach Hunting: Recommended hotel to stay for South Bali beach hunting

  • The Pavilion Hotel Kuta
  • Aquarius Legian Hotel
  • Grand Mega Resort Spa Bali
  • Hidden Oasis Bed Breakfast
  • Hotel Ratna
  • Jesen’s Inn 1
  • Jesen’s Inn 3
  • The Inn Kuta
  • The 101 Bali Legian Hotel
  • Pop Hotel Kuta Beach
  • Sayang Maha Mertha Hotel
  • Amazing Kuta Hotel
  • Balisani Padma Hotel
  • Wedari guesthouse
  • Udayana Kinfisher Eco Refuge
  • Kemala guesthouse
  • The Gong Hotel
  • The Hill Ungasan House Hotel
  • Puncak’s hotel and villa
  • Paradise Bali Cottages
  • Kiki home stay
  • Sadat Mas Cottage

Bali Beach Hunt: The Map!

Happy adventure, traveller!!
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