Bawaslu handles 81 disputes from DPD member Bacalon Impact of Bad Candidate Information System

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Tribunnews reporter, Mario Christian Suamampow

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The Election Supervision Body (Bawaslu) of the Republic of Indonesia is currently handling 81 disputes of potential candidates for DPD members spread across 18 provinces.

RI Bawaslu member Lolly Suhenty said this controversy arose due to the constraints of a bad nomination information system (Silon).

“The 81 ongoing Bawaslu DPD nomination disputes are on average the result of a bad nomination information system,” Lolly said in her statement, on Tuesday (9/5/2023).

Confirmed Lolly, Silon has been inaccessible multiple times.

This was achieved by the results of the supervision by the election supervisors.

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“Based on the results data from election supervisor monitoring, Bawaslu noted that Silon could not be accessed several times (code 502 Bad Gateway, page 419 expired),” he said.

Bawaslu also encountered obstacles such as discrepancies between the amount of support that was verified and the details of the verification results.

Some of them are in the form of meeting requirements (MS), not meeting requirements (BMS), and not meeting requirements (TMS).

“There are also document and data results supporting potential candidates, in some of the F1 media uploaded, there are fuzzy results and content other than sub-district/district/regencies/city names,” he said.

Another obstacle, Lolly continued, is vigilance limited to Silon. Lolly said Silon’s access was very limited to make comparisons in case of data manipulation.

Silon which is supervised by Bawaslu only has Dashboard data and F1 form data has no KTP/KK data or other identities as comparison, so Bawaslu has problems finding double support, falsified support or potential for TMS to fulfill support requirements.

It is not possible to access, open and view the KTP and KK support documents.

Limited access to Silon also makes Bawaslu’s supervision suboptimal. Lolly asked KPU to make improvements immediately.

“Restricted access meant that the monitoring process for compliance and correctness of administrative verification procedures was suboptimal,” he said.

“Meanwhile, the limited access to menus/submenus present in the Bawaslu version of the Silon application resulted in delays in the monitoring process and minimal data obtained,” said Lolly.

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