Before the discovery of the bodies of local residents smelling rotten, the evacuation of the victims lasted 4 hours

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Report by Central Java Tribune reporter iwan Arifianto

AMPONTOONS.COM.COM, SEMARANG – The finding of a male dead body caused an uproar among the residents of Jalan Mulawarman Raya, Tembalang, Semarang City on Monday (8/5 2023) at around 10:00 AM WIB.

The exact location of the discovery was at the AHS Arga Tirta gallon and gas refueling business.

The place of business is not far from the main road.

The place where the corpse was thrown is in the corridor on the right side of the workplace.

Irwan Hutagalung was found dead in the condition where the victim’s body and legs were fused while the head and both hands were mutilated.

When found, Irwan’s feet were bound with blue raffia.

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Volunteers who evacuated the victim’s body found a body without a head.

“The head and the body are separate,” the Semarang volunteer, who declined to be named, told the Central Java Tribune on Monday (8/5/2023).

The volunteers needed 4 hours to evacuate, it took almost an hour, due to the excavation of the jet,” the volunteer continued.

When the bodies were evacuated, they were in a decomposing state.

The body is estimated to have died three or four days ago.

The condition of the headless corpse was also handsless.

“Yes, without hands and head,” he explained.

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