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When the late Pak Nukman Luthfie was still alive, I used to visit his blog often. As an online and digital marketing expert, he shares a lot of knowledge. One of them and which I still remember until now is the inscription ” Blogs are increasingly influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions“. Every business or brand must have a marketing blog. It happened in 2008.

And now?

What is Blog Marketing?

Blog marketing is a marketing strategy that uses blogs to directly reach potential customers, both corporate and individual. With such a digital promotion it is hoped that a product or brand can build customer loyalty.

I settle in my brain on the importance of blog marketing for marketing. Because after family and close friends, blogs rank second as a source of information for customers before purchasing a product.

Certainly the interest group built on blogs is getting bigger as more and more lucrative information is received from blogs.

The claim that the importance of blog marketing for marketers was supported by a survey conducted by Forrester Research. Not only that, Jupiter Reaseach is powered by buzzlogic to conduct deeper research into the consumer behavior of blog readers.

These are some of the reasons for the importance of blog marketing in marketing

The research results mentioned by Pak Nukman at that time were as follows:

  • 50% of blog readers say blogs are the place to get product information.
  • Regular blog visitors trust blogs as a source for making buying decisions rather than social media content. Maybe it’s less relevant now, but at the time the survey results said that Facebook, Twitter and others were less effective at supporting promotions.

  • The more targeted a blog is, the greater its role in influencing purchases. 56% of respondents say that targeted blogs are an important source of product information.
  • The influence of blogs isn’t just for tech products. Blog information is also important for purchasing decisions related to entertainment (15%), games/toys/sporting goods (14%), travel (12%), automobiles (11%), health (10%) and more (30% ). Palm sugar could be included in the last statistic.

The above data definitely made me think, intend and determine to boost Arenga Indonesia blog.

This article is an edited blog post that was published in 2008. Some cases are no longer relevant. In order for this information to be still useful for friends, I will update it according to the current situation (2022)

When I read Pak Nukman how important blog marketing is for a product or a brand, one thing came to my mind. If the blog loses only the recommendation of friends or family in consumers’ purchasing decisions, the blog should meet certain requirements.

In 2008, 85% of Arenga customers with Organic Palm Sugar products did not come from the Internet but through traditional marketing. This means knocking on the door before receiving an order. Although at the time, when people typed in palm sugar, ant sugar, and organic sugar, they always appeared on the first page of Google.

I also don’t know if the search results will be the same if the object is Indonesian market. In 2008 the Internet was very cheap but not too much for all Indonesians. Apart from that, it seems that despite being economically capable, not all Indonesians are internet literate. I have several friends who only know email by name.

So in 2008 I felt the search was only suitable for retail clients, not companies like the Arenga framing at the time.

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What is the situation now?

Arenga blogs regularly

Now the situation has changed significantly. It must be admitted that constant blogging is an important part of the digital marketing strategy.

There are so many benefits to blog marketing presence. Because it can drive traffic to a business website, generate new leads for the business, help brands keep those leads. Additionally, visitors to the blog will also provide insight into the customer base they have ABOVE.

1. Blogging improves SEO

We know how important a good positioning in search engines is, especially for the success of an MPMI company like Arenga. It’s just that sometimes I don’t really understand what it takes to get those good rankings. Even if you diligently update your blog, why aren’t articles always on page 1 of Google for your targeted keywords?

According to my SEO-savvy friends, websites are probably expertly crafted, artfully packed with highly relevant keyword phrases. But that does not guarantee that you will be able to rank on page 1 of Google.

This is because Google ranks based on how “authoritative” a web page is. This means that to get a good ranking, our site or blog must have useful content for customers.

Blog marketing also requires many inbound links (external links) that come from relevant pages of other websites.

Now, to improve the SEO of the Arenga Marketing blog, content creators have to work even harder.

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2. The power of keywords for blog marketing

Keywords are words or phrases that your target audience needs. These keywords are what our potential customers enter into search engines like Google. For example, when they need a healthy sweetener, they might enter the keyword organic palm sugar or organic palm sugar.

Now using the “correct” keywords in blog marketing will boost our site in search results and bring more traffic to our blog.

3. Blogging to build brands

Blogging is a way to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your site, and ultimately increase sales.

blogging it’s also a way to position ourselves as experts on a topic like all palm sugar. This kind of expertise can transform us into a strong player in this specific organic palm sugar sector or niche.

Blog marketing will bring results in the long run. The best thing about business blogs is, of course, the ability to answer the most common questions from our readers and customers.

If we consistently create valuable content or articles for our target market audience, a brand like ARENGA will become an industry leader or have authority in the eyes of both potential and existing customers.

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4. Position yourself as an expert

Well, especially in Indonesia, the prevailing culture is that we are not allowed to brag about ourselves. No wonder everyone is afraid to brag about themselves.

But in terms of blog marketing there isn’t a term to brag about. When we say we know all the ins and outs of palm sugar, it’s not bragging that it’s considered shameful. Because our expertise in palm sugar comes from years of experience. We can see it as inspiration.

Various advantages of an expert

  • Positioning yourself as an expert can help you increase traffic to your marketing website.
  • Positioning yourself as an expert can build your followers or community. And it can increase the company’s income or turnover.
  • The market for organic palm sugar as a healthy sweetener is now full of competition. Of all shapes and sizes. So being considered a palm sugar expert is very important by providing a lot of information so that a brand like ARENGA can really stand out from the fierce competition.

5. Increase leads

Can blog marketing generate leads? It certainly can!

Because blogging regularly gives our loyal visitors a reason to convert, from reader to buyer.

So blogging is a great lead generation tool because it provides value to readers and the value drives them to convert

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