Catholic Religious Education Answer Key Grade 5 Elementary School Page 59 Independent Curriculum Chapter 2: Esther

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – The following is the answer key for Catholic Religious Education for Class 5 SD Merdeka Curriculum page 59.

In the book Catholic Religious Education Curriculum Class 5 SD Merdeka, page 59, there are 6 questions in the Let’s Dive section.

In Chapter 2 Special Figures of the Old Testament, the Brave Woman Esther Sub-Chapter, students get to know one of the female characters from the Old Testament, namely Esther the Brave Woman, so they are able to emulate Esther’s bravery in the everyday life .

Before working on the 6 questions in the Let’s Explore section, students should first understand Chapter 2.

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Key Answers to Class 5 Catholic Religious Education Merdeka Elementary School Curriculum Page 59

Come and read the Bible

Esther made queen of King Ahasuerus

(see Esth. 2:1-23; 3:15 and 7:1-6)

Hadassah was a beautiful Israeli woman.

Hadasa’s name was changed to the name Esther, considering that she lived in Persia, so that her name, Esther, does not indicate that she is of Israelite descent.

Esther was the daughter of Abihail, but because her father and mother died, Esther was orphaned.

Since then, Esther lived with her cousin named Mordecai.

At that time, Persia was led by a king named Ahasuerus; with a queen named Ratu Wasti.

But because Queen Vashti dared to disobey the order and humiliate King Ahasuerus in front of his guests, Queen Vashti was fired and banished from the king’s palace.

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