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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Check out the English answer key for class 7 on page 213 of the Merdeka Curriculum in the following article.

Class 7 English book page 213 Merdeka Curriculum is found in chapter 5 discussing This is my school.

Meanwhile, on the questions in the book Class 7 English on page 213 of the Independent Curriculum, there is an assignment from Section 4 – Language Focus.

Next, students are required to answer the questions in the Grade 7 English book, page 213 of the Merdeka Curriculum.

Before examining the answer key, students are expected to work through the questions in the Class 7 English book on page 213 of the Merdeka Curriculum independently.

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The following is the answer key for English class 7 on page 213 of the Merdeka Curriculum:

Section 4 – Linguistic focus

A. Now complete the sentence using next to, between, behind, in front or in front of.

English class 7 page 213
Class 7 English book page 213 Independent curriculum.

1. The cafeteria is … the teacher’s room

  • Next to

2. Mr. Edo is… Ayu’s mother and Mr. Romy

  • Between

3. The library is… the principal’s office

  • In front of

4. Andre is… Monica

  • Behind

5. Pipit is… Respectful

  • In front of

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*) Disclaimers:

– The English answer keys above are only used by parents or guardians to guide the child’s learning process.

– Before looking at the answer key, make sure the child does it by himself.

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