Cost of living in Malaysia, really cheaper?

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How much living expenses do you have to spend each month if you want to live in Malaysia? Find out more in this article!

Many Indonesians are interested in moving to Malaysia, either for work or study.

The reason is that it’s not too far away and it has a lot in common with Indonesia: from the language, to the culture, to the food, so it’s easier to adapt.

Listen, The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively cheaper You know compared to Indonesia!

Let’s try to peek at the experience Saints where he currently resides Malaysia since college then continued to work – if the total is almost 12 years!

Cost of renting an apartment in Malaysia

From the early days of college until starting work, I was still looking for a room—problem was, it was more cheap able to

But since we met roommate which is a bit annoying so I always searched for the studio or unit type.

The price for renting an apartment depends on its location: the more strategic and close to the city centre, the more expensive it is.

Furthermore, the condition and facilities of the condo/apartment also determine the rental price.

The cost of renting an apartment or condominium new and luxurious near the center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia can cost RM 2,000 – 3,000 per month.

Well if old apartment with an age of about 10 years and above cheapthe range RM 1,300 – 1,900 per month.

For rental price per room with dimensions medium master bedroom within range RM 600 – 1000++ per month.

Align the price is quite high, always subjective because there are many determining factors.

Here, if you want to rent a room or a house, the standard is mandatory pay a 2.5 month deposit (2 months for rent and – 1/2 month for utility).

Now I live alone with my sister, so I pay every month electricity costs around RM150, water only RM6, wi-fi RM120.

If you want to find room rentals, you can go to sites like standingyou can rent apartments by unit on sites like PropertyGuru or

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Cost of meals in Malaysia

I usually eat mixed rice (here the term is Zhap Fan), so I take my own rice and side dishes like this, a meal RM7-8.

fast food like McDonald’s price for fixed meal it’s around RM15 – 25.

For coffee a kopitiam not too expensive either RM 3 – 4.

Self eat in a medium sized restaurant in small shopping centres fantasy so maybe you can eat once RM10 – 30 per meal.

If it’s luxurious enough at RM 30-50, Also Which very sumptuous RM100+ per meal.

Prices for daily needs

For shopping for daily needs, you can at Giant OR Tesco.

This is an overview of the price range for shopping for daily needs (grocery shop):

  • Rice (1kg): RM 15 – 20
  • Eggs (10 pieces): RM 7 – 10
  • Fresh milk (1L): RM 5 – 8
  • Tomato (1kg): RM 4 – 7
  • Chicken (1kg): RM15 – 20

Cost of public transport in Malaysia

Public transport in Malaysia is quite adequate, it’s really easy to go anywhere.

In Kuala Lumpur itself there are various types of public transport such as Monorail, LRT, MRT, KTM (commuter train) and also buses (RapidKL and BRT).

Stay download Take bus and train applications for example Quickly to see the routes Google Maps information is also quite accurate.

The prices of bus and train tickets depend on the destination.

Self RapidKL bus Perhaps the most expensive is RM 3 for one way, if it’s only around RM 1.

For BRT day MRT most expensive around RM6-7.

If you want to go up Taxithe basic rate starts from MRI 3 Then RM 0.25 for 200 meters.

You can also use the application Prey for everywhere.

Other productions

Recreation here usually has a special price for tourists, right? that normally it can be 2 or 3 times the price of local people.

For example, such as the 3D Room or Upside Down attractions – entrance tickets for locals maybe RM15-20 but for tourists yes until RM 30.

Internet packages purchased at airport the price is RM25 unlimited for 1 week of use.

If I use an internet package that postpaidprice per month RM 40.

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So how much is the total cost per month in Malaysia for 1 person?

Total cost of living in Malaysia for 1 person if you save money is approx RM 1,800 – 2,000 or equivalent to IDR 5 – 6 million per month.

If you have lifestyleand which is higher, maybe around RM5,000 or the equivalent of IDR15 million.

But the wage standard in Malaysia is higher, so even if it seems more expensive, you can still get it.cover.

Frugal life Average life Luxury life
Rent an apartment RM700 RM1,500 RM3,000
Eat RM600 RM1,500 RM3,000
Transport RM200 RM600 RM1,500
Recreational expenses and more RM500 RM1,000 RM2,000
Total RM1,800 RM4,600 RM9,500


Better to work and save here than in Jakarta as far as I know cost of living plus minimum wage here.

I could proudly say That the cost of living here is cheaper than Jakarta.

In terms of communication, language skills are also more trained.

The good thing about living in Malaysia is that you get to mingle more with other people culture also different.

Tips: If you want to go to Malaysia, it’s best to go with a friend who is fluent in English or Mandarin, so tourists don’t think the price will be high, especially if you go to the market.

So, do you think the cost of living in Malaysia is cheap or expensive? Share in the comment column, OK!

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