Criminologist: AKBP Achiruddin may face tougher punishment for allowing abuse to occur

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Report by AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Danang Triatmojo

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – University of Indonesia criminologist Adrianus Meliala said he did not rule out the possibility that AKBP Achiruddin Hasibuan could receive a harsher sentence for allowing the persecution against him.

Even if he’s a cop.

In addition AKBP Achiruddin was officially dismissed from the police institution because it was proved that he committed a deadly violation of the Polri code of ethics, i.e. Articles 5, 8, 12, 13 of Perpol number 7 of 2022. He was sentenced to disrespectful dismissal (PTDH).

He was found guilty of allowing his son, Aditya Hasibuan, to abuse a student named Ken Admiral.

Furthermore, it was proved that AKBP Achiruddin also ordered other people to threaten or point firearms at the victim and her fellow victims.

“I think with the final results of the Polri ethics trial in which Achiruddin was sentenced to PTDH and a criminal investigation will continue and there is a threat that Article 55 if I am not mistaken could end for ten years, I think it is extraordinary,” Adrianus said on Kompas TV show on Monday (8/5/2023).

Adrianus also said that AKBP Achiruddin’s violation of the law on allegedly failing to prosecute would be transferred to a criminal offence.

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Apart from that, he thought that the Bhayangkara institution also did not grant freedom to Achiruddin. This, Adrianus said, was presumably because the actions and behavior in question were considered something shameful.

“It seems that the police didn’t provide him with some kind of free reserve, because perhaps for police colleagues it is considered a shameful act,” he said.

Previously reported, Inspector General Panca Putra Simanjuntak, chief of the North Sumatra Regional Police, said AKBP Achiruddin has been named as a suspect in the Ken Admiral abuse case. He has been accused of numerous articles concerning his alleged participation in the persecution. Among them are articles 55, 56 and 304 of the Criminal Code.

“Today’s judicial process has increased the criminal process. A suspect has been appointed today against those involved in general crimes,” said Inspector General Panca.

Former North Sumatra Police AKBP Bin Opsnal Narcotics Directorate Chief Achiruddin Hasibuan has stepped into the spotlight after his son, Aditya Hasibuan, abused a student named Ken Admiral.

Police have examined 23 witnesses linked to this case, including Achiruddin for allowing his son to abuse the victim.

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