Dahlia Poland ready to work again for the sake of 3 children until showered with support from artist, Ricky Weather: Legal wife team

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Artist Dahlia Poland now admits she’s ready to get back into the entertainment industry after exposing her husband, Fandy Christian’s alleged affair.

Dahlia Poland’s confession was broadcast through the latest upload to her personal Instagram account, @dahliachr.

In her upload, Dahlia Poland appears to be taking pictures with her three children from her marriage to Fandy Christian.

Through the description captionDahlia admits she will go back to work for her children’s sake.

As is known, after marrying Fandy and having children, Dahlia Poland is rarely seen on television.

She chose a blank from the artist world who raised her name to focus on caring for her three children.

This time around, Dahlia has expressed her determination to get back to work after her husband was caught cheating on her.

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“I’ll work for you son anaaaakk (I’ll work for you nah)” wrote quoted by Tribunnews, Wednesday (17/5/2023).

The 26-year-old woman then promised to do whatever it took to keep her baby happy.

“Tetep jadi anak2 pale happy yaaa. I will do anything for you,” He continued.

The upload was then flooded with support from fans including other artists.

Like actor Ricky Weather admitting he’s now part of Dahlia’s team as Fandy’s legal wife.

“Me: LAW WIFE TEAM! #PolandMamaRebelTapiHaving Feelings *Funny,” write to @rickycuaca account.

Artist Sharena Gunawan also expressed praise and support for the mother of three.

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