Desta sues Natasha Rizky for divorce after 10 years of marriage, post during Eid alludes to differences

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – So far, known as harmony, the families of Deddy Mahendra Desta and Natasha Rizky are now on the brink.

Ten years of building a family together, Desta Mahendra suddenly filed for divorce from Natasha Rizky last Thursday (5/11/2023).

Desta filed for divorce from Natasha Rizky in South Jakarta religious court via e-court.

The news that Desta was suing Natasha Rizky for divorce only became public knowledge on Wednesday (5/17/2023).

After the news of Desta and Natasha Rizky’s divorce broke, netizens attacked their social media accounts.

From Tribunnews’ search results, Desta appears to have hinted at the difference.

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At the time of Eid 1444H, Desta appeared to be uploading a photo of her little family on Instagram @desta80s April 22, 2023.

Seen in the upload, Desta is wearing a different outfit than Natasha Rizky and her three children.

Natasha and her children were seen wearing sage green and white striped dresses embroidered with flowers.

Meanwhile, Desta wore a long-sleeved black shirt and dark gray pants.

This Eid looks different…

Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1444 H..” Desta wrote in the caption of the photo.

Apparently Desta mentioned the difference in uploads
It appears Desta mentioned the difference in an Instagram upload @desta80s during Eid on April 22, 2023.

They chose a different pose from the previous closer family photo.

This time they have a family photo posed at a considerable distance.

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