Dismantling Cheating Allegations Over Virgoun, Inara Rusli Opens Up About Victims Of Downtrodden Relationships

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – The wife of the musician Virgoun, Inara Rusli, had the opportunity to expose her husband’s alleged infidelity to let off steam on the victim of an oppressed relationship.

It was previously known that Inara Rusli revealed evidence of Virgoun’s affair on her personal Instagram.

The chaotic family of Virgoun and Inara Rusli is heating up.

Until it was reported that Virgoun filed for divorce against Inara Rusli.

Recently, uploading to her Instagram Story, Inara Rusli has once again expressed her feelings to the point of mentioning the victim of an affair.

In this upload, the owner of the full name Inara Idola Rusli mentioned female victims of infidelity who are often bullied.

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“Welcome to the real world, where women victims of being cheated on are oppressed, silenced, silenced” wrote Inara Rusli on her Instagram account @mommy_starla on Wednesday (5/18/2023).

Not only that, the mother of three said that women victims of infidelity are often denied their rights.

They have even been insulted as being judged unable to earn money for their children.

“Ignore their rights, humiliated not being able to earn money for children”, He continued.

According to Inara, many female victims of infidelity receive negative comments when they try to earn money to support their children.

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Inara Rusli’s Instagram story upload alluded to the downtrodden victim of a relationship.

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“Disinyirin again when trying to find money for children”, he said.

According to him, this seems to have happened quite often.

So the hijab-wearing woman pinned the hashtag #womensupportwomen in her upload.

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