Do you want to win the ticket war? Read the following 6 tips!

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Tips for winning the ticket warHey Aladdin! Popular British pop group Coldplay will give a concert in Indonesia on November 15th. Already turned on hunting ticket yet? Don’t get caught, you will regret not going to one of the most anticipated concerts of 2023. Coldplay are a very famous band, obviously many people are on the hunt for concert tickets. And it is certain that those chasing tickets will be involved ticket war, i.e. the condition where so many people, at the same time, are looking for tickets at the same time on line. So you need to have extra preparation if you want to join ticket war To be ready for ‘war’, here are 6 tips not to lose when you participate ticket war.

1. Ensure stable and fast internet connection

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A stable internet connection is the main weapon for ticket war. If the connection is weak… wow, I might have lost before the war!

2. Create a personal account

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So that there are no momentary errors ticket war, Don’t forget to create your account first, ok? Another way to do this is to copy (copy paste) all your personal data to speed up the ticket ordering process.

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3. Open multiple browsers

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You can open the same website more navigator different. open some navigator different can be a spare bullet when ticket war. Your queuing number will be counted as a “different person” in the ticket purchasing system, this can increase your chances of getting a ticket.

4. Ticket assignment services (Jastip).

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Jastip is not mandatory to follow. Either way, you have to win war alone? But if it’s stuck because it keeps failing, try using Jastip. Because by using jastip, you can increase your chances of getting tickets. The reason is that the people behind this service are quite experienced in winning tickets. While it helps, you have to pay more if you want to use Jastip.

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5. Use some Device

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In a real war, it’s impossible if you only carry one weapon, right? Bring at least 2, lah, for reinforcements. So though again ticket war Use a lot device (device) will further increase the opportunity to get tickets. If one device failed to get a ticket share, still there device the other in reserve and ready for war again.

6. Purchase tickets during presale

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If lazy follow ticket war, why not buy a ticket during the presale? You can get many benefits, you know! Usually, presale ticket prices are much cheaper and you can get many benefits from the promoter. Some pre-sale programs require the buyer to have a card membership First.

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