DPR Commission I Supports TNI Commander in Eradicating the Practice of Buying and Selling Arms and Ammunition in Papua

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Chaerul Umam

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Indonesian House of Representatives Commission I member Christina Aryani fully supports the steps taken by TNI Commander-in-Chief Admiral Yudo Margono to eradicate the practice of buying and selling weapons and ammunition, particularly in the area of Papuan conflict.

He also advocates that all TNI soldiers involved be punished as severely as possible.

“The practice of buying and selling weapons is really sad and has become an extraordinary crime. And indeed this has become one of the reasons for the complexity of conflict resolution in Papua so far, namely the existence of an arms supply chain and munitions allegedly involving the TNI itself,” Christina said in a statement received on Sunday (7/5/2023).

“So anyone who deserves to be severely punished, through the application of multiple articles with the threat of the death penalty, life imprisonment or a maximum of 20 years’ imprisonment,” he added.

Christina believes that what Indonesian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief Admiral Yudo Margono has acknowledged about the spike in cases of misuse of weapons and ammunition at the Cenderawasih Regional Military Command over the past decade should be impetus for a serious improvement within the TNI, from the top down to the soldiers on the ground.

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He also said that starting from the commanders up to the soldiers in the field must have the same commitment.

“Don’t make the supply of arms to the enemy or to those who should be suspected of having a relationship with the enemy a field of business. The TNI commander is right, it is like killing one’s brother. How many TNI soldiers have died in Papua? This is sad,” he said.

Christina believes that if there were no supply of weapons and ammunition to the Armed Criminal Group (KKB), the resistance would not be as massive as it is now.

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“So first make sure you stop this evil practice of selling weapons and ammunition to the enemy. This is a form of treason that is very appropriate and reasonable if the perpetrators are severely punished,” said Christina.

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