DPR rejects PKPU 10/2023 revision, 9 all-male speaking factions, no female voice in RDP

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – DPR RI refused to revise General Election Commission (PKPU) regulation 10/2023 which was considered detrimental to women’s representation in elections.

This decision was delivered on Wednesday (17/5/2023) by the chairman of Commission II of the Indonesian Parliament, Ahmad Doli Kurnia, in a hearing meeting (DPR) with the election management body.

Prior to the decision, all factions expressed their opinion on whether or not to revise PKPU 10/2023.

The nine representatives from each faction who spoke out to reject this revision were all male.

Not a single female faction representative spoke in the PSR.

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Commission II members from each of these factions are Arif Wibowo of the PDIP, Agung Widyantoro of Golkar, Irwan Ardi Hasman of Gerindra and Saan Mustopa of NasDem.

Then Yanuar Prihatin of the PKB, Muhamad Muraz of the Democratic Party, Aus Hidayat Nur of the PKS, Guspardi Gaus of the PAN and Syamsurizal of the PPP.

The majority agreed to reject the review on the basis that the electoral rounds had already taken place and during the legislative candidate registration process (bacaleg), all political parties participating in the elections had registered more than the target of 30% of women.

“PKPU number 10 is already underway. It has not only been ratified but it has been executed, obviously we have completed the stages of the process,” said Saan Mustopa when giving his opinion in the PSR.

“If, for example, suddenly during the trip there are revisions and some of them, obviously there will be a lot of consequences,” he added.

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The same thing was expressed by Arif Wibowo when he represented the PDIP faction.

“For this reason, changes that actually make the situation unfavorable are not needed and I think this is a situation that we certainly do not expect in the implementation of the 2024 elections,” he said.

“So the PDIP faction sees and has an attitude that the PKPU does not need to be changed,” Arif pointed out.

Based on the agreement and common view of all factions, the DPR II Commission decided not to revise PKPU 10/2023 which was previously protested by the Coalition of Community Cares for Women.

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