Eid does not come home? Take a Walk for 8 Tourist Attractions in Jakarta Let’s Go!

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Eid holiday in Jakarta – The government has set a joint leave for Eid 2023 from 19th to 26th April 2023. During that time, what activities did you do, Aladiners? Return home to hometown or stay only in the city? For those who live in Jakarta, instead of staying at home, it’s better to go for a walk! Confused about where to go? Mister tell me 8 good tourist attractions in Jakarta.

1. Fantastic World (Dufan)

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Dufan is one of the most beautiful places advised to fill the Eid festivities. There are many fun rides that you can experience such as lightning, kora-koras, doll castles, chirps, tornado, hysteria, chirps and many more. Ticket prices range from Rp. Rp 200,000. 355,000. Guaranteed to be fun and make you forget the time you play here!

2. Beautiful Kapuk Beach (PIK)

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Do you want to go on vacation while relaxing on the beach? On the White Sand Beach, PIK 2 is really suitable. There is a swimming arena, sand toys, cafes and restaurants. Oh yeah, joining PIK is free, you know. Open 3-9pm WIB. You can also enjoy a variety of culinary delights at food court PIK Pantjoran. Anyway, it’s complete here!

3. Beautiful Indonesia in miniature park

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TMII is the right place to get to know the provinces of Indonesia. Here you can also relax by bike and visit various platforms to learn about the diversity of our beloved homeland. The existing structures at TMII are: bird park, planetarium, children’s palace, Keong Mas legend park, cable car, fresh water world, Komodo dragon reptile park, insect world and Keong Mas IMAX theater. The main gate of TMII is open from 06:00 WIB to 17:00 WIB. But if you want to visit the rides this place will only open 0800-1700 WIB. TMII entrance ticket prices around Rp. 25,000 – Rp. 50,000

4. Macan Museum

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The right place to visit if you want art. The museum, which is located in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, is the first museum to exhibit modern and contemporary art works. One of the iconic exhibits in this museum is the exhibit of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Entrance ticket prices start at IDR 100,000 for adults and IDR 90,000 for students and seniors. You can visit this museum from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 5.30pm WIB.

5. Jakarta Planetarium

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If you like astronomy, you can learn about galaxy formation, the solar system, the moon, solar eclipses, planets, and more in the Planetarium’s sky simulation vehicle. Admission tickets are very affordable, ranging from Rp.7,000 to Rp.12,000 .

6. City forest

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Oh? Is there a forest in the middle of Jakarta city? Weits, there please! Located in Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, this four-hectare urban forest offers various services. There is jogging pathbenches, toilets, changing rooms e.g food court. This urban forest is open from 06:00 to 10:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 WIB. If you come here, you won’t be charged, it’s really cool!

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7. Situ Lembang Park

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Located in Menteng, Central Jakarta, this park is an oasis in the middle of the busy city. You can enjoy an artificial lake and a fountain that lights up every 15 minutes. Not only that, there are also beautiful lotus flowers and birds like swans and ducks that are cute. If you like sports, yes outdoor fitness in the corner of the garden. You can come to this park every day and it’s free. Not bad for filling vacation time?

8. Thousand Islands

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do what you want healing, you can try one of the islands in the Thousand Islands. You don’t have to worry about being expensive, because there are tour packages for these islands, including trying out various water sports activities like snorkeling, diving, banana boating, jetskiing, and others.

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