Empal Gentong Hajj Apud, reasons to stop in Cirebon

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A bowl of Cirebon’s Empal Gentong H Apud

After all this time, during last year’s holidays, our family decided to have a trip to Semarang. I was just going to the Peak. However, from experience, Cisarua Peak on public holidays is an area that should be avoided. That is, if you don’t want your vacation to end in stress. Traffic jams cannot stand it. From Tangerang not too far. Only about 6 hours on the toll road. The advantage is being able to stop for a while in Cirebon, enjoy the typical food, the legendary Empal Gentong Haji Apud. Below you will find the prices and menus for Empal Gentong Haji Apud.

The idea to stop and enjoy Empal Gentong Cirebon came from our youngest. A few months ago he stopped here with his wife. He thinks he’s delicious. Reason suggested that our party of 6 give it a try.

Although I have visited Haji Apud several times at many of his stalls in Cirebon, I went with him. Quite nostalgic while having fun with family.

The Most Delicious Cirebon Gentong Empal?

H Apud won the Empal Gentong Cirebon

According to some friends, Empal Gentong Haji Apud is the most delicious in Cirebon. The taste is right. The slices of meat are large. At least that is the criterion my friend uses in labeling why he labels Haji Apud Empal Gentong the most delicious in Cirebon.

“See also the reviews, it seems that there are even more ..” Continues the friend.

Can’t really rate the taste. My tongue is less sensitive. Also, I’ve only tried a few stalls. One of them is Empal Gentong Krucuk and Empal Gentong at Warung Bang JT. So it’s not believable if I say that Haji Apud is the most delicious Empal Gentong shop in Cirebon.

If it’s good, of course it’s good. Otherwise, it’s impossible for people to flock to eat at this place. I noticed that there are also a lot of tourists from out of town. Some of them, like us, stopped before continuing their journey to Central Java. Or if you are on vacation in Cirebon and stop by Haji Apud.

Empal Gentong Haji Apud Menu?

Nasi Lengko is one of the menu of Empal Gentong Haji Apud restaurant

Empal Gentong Haji Apud shop, like all similar shops in Cirebon, generally serves two versions of Empal Gentong. The first one, which is called Empal Gentong with yellow coconut milk. Another tamarind empal, clear broth. Empal Asam is suitable for those who avoid coconut milk.

I feel like I haven’t had coconut milk in a long time. That day, I ordered the Emapl Gentong which was similar to curry. Feel fresh with chives as a topping. Now, to get the “eneq” taste out of the thick coconut milk, I add a lot of pickles to it. It’s really siip anyway.

The contents of the Empal Gentong besides the meat are also mixed with the innards. For health reasons I chose only meat.

Besides empol gentong, H. Apud also offers another typical Cirebon menu, namely Nasi Lengko.

Nasi Lengko is white rice topped with fried tempeh, cucumber, bean sprouts, spring onions and celery. To make it even tastier, it is topped with peanut sauce and thin sweet soy sauce. It will be more festive when sprinkled with fried shallots, as well as white curly crackers and hot pepper sauce.

Resto H. Apud also sells kid satay as a complement to rice consumption and Emapl Gentong.

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History of Empal Gentong Cirebon

In the culinary world we know the term gastronomic diplomacy or gastrodiplomacy. This is diplomacy through cooking to achieve certain goals. In Indonesia it has been done since ancient times.

Interesting to read food history typical of Cirebon. When you enjoy a delicious bowl of Empal Gentong, you think you can take it to Sunan Gunung Jati. Because this figure who propagates Islam in the Cirebon area is famous for embracing the local culture while preaching. One of them is with food.

Perhaps they have gathered in a village. While he enjoyed buffalo meat cooked with yellow spices in a barrel, he gave a lecture. Maybe chatting here and there gradually incorporating the teachings warmed by good food.

In ancient times, buffalo meat was used. Because cow is a sacred animal for most of Hindus at that time.

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Price of Empal Gentong Haji Apud

Prepare the kid meat for the satay

For the price, I think it’s quite affordable. A bowl of Emapl Gentong and Empal Asam costs IDR 23,000/portion. For the Lengkok rice Rp. 15,000/dish, white rice Rp. 5,000/plate. Only Sate Kambing Muda which is not bad in my opinion which is Rp. 5,500/skewer. But it’s worth it. The chunks of meat are big, the satay is soft and doesn’t smell like goat prengus.

The price of iced tea is Rp. 5,000/glass, while hot fresh tea is Rp. 3,000/glass.

So if you choose VIP seats or an air-conditioned room, you will be charged 1,000 per person.

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Address of Empal Gentong H Apud

In Ceribon H Apud has several branches. But if friends stop on the way to Central Java, the closest place is at: Address: Jl. Ir. H. Juanda n. 24, Battambat, Kec. Tengah Tani, Cirebon Regency, West Java 45153

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