Envy and envy, how to overcome the inferiority complex

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Envy is a mental illness

Envy is a mental illness in which the sufferer feels hatred or hatred for someone who has something but doesn’t have it. Diseases of envy, people with traits of envy, many examples that can be seen everywhere, including themselves. Below are ways to overcome low self-esteem or inferiority complex

There is an interesting line about envy and envy that I found in the book:

We don’t give them fertilizer but the weeds spread quickly. We don’t know how, but the reeds have managed to take over, to prevent anything beautiful from growing in our pretty gardens. Before it’s too late, don’t take care of the rods. Destroy reeds indiscriminately by not giving them food.

Weeds stand for envy, envy and jealousy

48 The law of power – Robert Greene

Yes, I found the above illustration from a book Robert Greene which speaks of the 48 laws of power. Intended for those who desire power, observe power or want to arm themselves against power.

This book on the 48 laws of power is truly inspiring. We are led to learn more about the darker nature of human emotions. And I fell in love with one chapter understand envy and jealousy.

In the 46th Act Green reveals historical facts hundreds of years old. ” We are NEVER TOO PERFECT. Looking better than others invites your own danger, namely envy. And envy makes dumb enemies who are very poisonous. So said Greene.

I’m stuck on this chapter. Find the undeniable truth of the quote below:

Of all the disturbers of the soul, envy is the only disturber that no one admits Plutarch, 46-120 AD

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Understand envy and jealousy

Our human side has a hard time accepting feelings of inferiority. That is why when confronting someone with superior skill, talent, beauty, good looks, or power, anxiety is created.

The reason is because most humans have a very high opinion of themselves. Inside we think bigger than others. But when we meet someone who is older, the facts become clear, we are not as great as previously thought.

Self-image disturbance is what causes negative emotions. It forces us to seek comfort. If only we had the qualities or abilities of that great person, we would be happy.

Hand. Thinking we are great does not make us the same as those who are truly great. We finally did envy

We will never admit that we are jealous

Unfortunately we are educated in a society that does not welcome envy and jealousy. We cannot admit that we are jealous. This action will be criticized by society. After all, showing feelings of envy is the same as admitting feelings of inferiority.

We may be willing to confess our deepest desires that have not come true. How to be rich, beautiful, smart, have a harmonious family, go to heaven.

But we never want to admit that we are jealous. It is easier to admit that you are poor than to openly admit that you are jealous.

Characteristics of jealous and jealous people

Jealousy cannot be hidden

Then the feelings of envy and envy are buried. It’s a shame if people know we’re jealous. If caught, I don’t know where to put my face…

We are intelligent creatures of God. So we mask that feeling of inferiority in many ways.

How to find material to criticize the person who makes us feel insecure. Maybe we’ll say, “She’s actually smarter than me. Prettier, richer, but she’s immoral and has no conscience. She cheated to get power.

Well, if you feel it, take a closer look, maybe it’s one of the characteristics of a jealous person.

Then if we don’t slander him, perhaps we praise him out of proportion. Well, according to Robert Greene excessive praise is a disguised form of envy. This can be used as a characteristic of a jealous person.

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How to overcome inferiority complex

But we are ordinary people, not prophets. It’s only natural when we see more people that we want that position as well. The feeling of envy was not created by God without meaning. There is a use for every human emotion.

Unfortunately envy or jealousy has the potential to destroy human relationships. And make us suffer. So knowing how to deal with it is very important. You feel jealous of colleagues or partners. Envy, envy, jealousy rooted in this feeling of inferiority is dangerous.

Here are 5 ways to deal with it:

1. Positive thinking

People who are easily envious, envious, or jealous tend to be too hard on themselves. Do not be like that. Feel sorry for yourself.

Instead of letting those negative feelings ruin your life, divert your energy to look for the positives. Focus on all the improvements that can be made.

You may not be as tall, earn as much money, or live in a nice house as your friends. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have positive things.

Notice the good things in your life. If necessary, make a list. Trust me, we will find a lot to be proud of. The situation is definitely not as bad as one might think.

This is one of the most powerful ways to get rid of low self-esteem or overcome it complete inferiorityx.

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2. Face the statement as it stands

If there’s the best thing about facing anything, it’s facing reality. Face reality as it is. Whenever feelings of envy, envy and jealousy come to your mind, learn to be open-minded, accept that these feelings exist.

When you encounter situations that can trigger these negative feelings, you need to realize that there are only two choices:

A. Accept the situation as it is. Let envy and malice reach the heart. But I quickly realized that there is always a way to change such an emotional state.

B. Let your feelings take a painful path. Because as much as the attitude we want to change, so many obstacles stand in the way.

Realize that we don’t always have control over certain things. It doesn’t matter if your center of envy is related to material possessions, how handsome or handsome someone is, or if someone you care about would rather pick someone else.

Realize that the only thing you can control is your feelings. Accept all the feelings that are raging. Don’t be rejected, accept what is.

The sooner you accept reality, the sooner you will begin to overcome jealousy, malice and jealousy.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

One of the quickest ways to overcome envy and jealousy is to stop comparing yourself to others.

Looking beautiful, glamorous, and wealthy like celebrities appearing on TV or social media can be very attractive. Who doesn’t want that? But remember that life can seem like a fairy tale when you only see one.

Or after watching Korean dramas, you may wonder why your partner is not as romantic or sweet as Lee Min Ho. So he also looks at the lives of neighbors or friends. How come they have everything you want but you don’t?

Then you will go nowhere but make yourself miserable.

Realize that in this world there are no people who don’t have problems. Everyone has problems. To find happiness we don’t have to be like other people.

So how about a neighbor with a car, a nice house and lots of money? They can go on holiday abroad at any time. Traveling to exotic places, while you can only enjoy photos from Instagram.

Likewise, a friend’s business is much more successful. Meanwhile, is your palm sugar business like this from year to year?

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There are always 2 sides of a coin. We cannot see the direction behind when we look from the front. The successful people we envy probably worked very hard. Maybe they paid for not having time to have fun.

Lee Min Ho is handsome and romantic. Remember that you see in the drama. The story is inside the setsg to amuse. He’s really romantic like in the drama, only his beloved dog knows.

So stop comparing yourself to others. It will only reduce the value of our lives in various respects. God did not create all human beings to be equal. Be it in appearance, possession of wealth or power.

Always comparing life to others will not help us to overcome inferiority complex.

Increasing skills and confidence can overcome envy, jealousy and social jealousy

envy, envy and social jealousy never existed if you have skilled skills and self-confidence. Yes, having a new skill is one way to overcome it inferiority complex. The good news is that all of these skills can be learned and practiced.

Dress up your self-image with the various skills you need. Read a lot, widen the association. If you have to adopt a new skill, be confident and program positive thoughts that it will work.

Think about the results and the results will make you even more motivated to learn. Think about how you will feel when all skills are achieved.

What do you think, friends?


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