Evacuation of 4 PT IBS employees from Okbab district to Bintang mountains directly led by police chief

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAYAPURA – 4 PT IBS employees who were previously reported as hostages of Armed Criminal Group (KKB) were evacuated from Okbab, Gunung Bintang on Monday (15/5/2023).

In the evacuation process, 50 personnel from Pamtas Statis RI-PNG Yonif 143, Gunung Bintang Police and Cartenz Peace Operations 2023 personnel were deployed.

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It is known that these employees were victims of the KKB hostage-taking last weekend and have now been rescued.

Gunung Bintang Police Chief AKBP Mohamad Dafi Bastomi said the evacuation was carried out this morning.

“Around 0930 WIT this morning using PK-RBP aircraft,” Mohamad Dafi said in a written statement.

Dafi said, gathering the 4 employees, not only the joint apparatus, but also Deputy Regent Kris Bakweng Uropmabin, Assistant I of the Regional Secretariat for Bintang Mountains Nicolaus Urobmabin, Borban Village Head Obet Urwan and Agus Uropka as a community figure.

“All of them also picked up the four Okbab district employees and arrived in Oksibil around 10:50 am WIT,” he said.

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Dafi said the four employees who had been successfully evacuated were on behalf of Asmar and Feryan Erlangga.

“Those who have been injured by sharp objects but are still conscious and the Peas brothers Kulka and Senus Lepitalem are in good condition.”

“The four victims are now in the Oksibil hospital for further medical tests,” he continued.

He added that his party will continue to improve monitoring of the security and order situation in all areas of Gunung Bintang regency to prevent something like this from happening.

Just to note, during the retreat, Dansatgas Pamtas Statis RI-PNG Yonif 143/TWEJ Letkol Inf. Ari Ismoyo Timor, Director of PT IBS Pusat Makmur Jauhari, Chief of PT IBS Pusat, Chief Police Officer of Gunung Bintang and staff of Carterz 2023 Peace Ops.

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The evacuation was led directly by Gunung Bintang AKBP Police Chief Mohamad Dafi Bastomi and Deputy Police Commissioner Joko Sulistio.

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