Fajar Sadboy leaves the management of his younger brother, Denny Cagur: when he was poor, he became rich

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Denny Cagur responded about Fajar Sadboy leaving his younger brother’s management.

Denny Cagur has confirmed that Fajar Sadboy is no longer part of his younger brother’s management.

It is known that Denny Cagur became one of the artists who helped Fajar Sadboy become famous.

Quoted by YouTube TRANS7 OFFICIAL, Tuesday (9/5/2023), Denny Cagur stressed that his friendship with Fajar Sadboy remains good.

“Dawn Sadboy where are the people at?” asked Raffi Ahmad as host.

“Fajar is no longer with me, but as a friend I’m still used to it,” said Denny Cagur.

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“Are you no longer a manager?” Raffi asked again.

“It’s not in management,” Denny confirmed.

“Oh brother, it’s not run anymore,” continued Mpok Alpa who was also the host.

However, also Denny Cagur’s younger brother legowo accept it.

“My younger brother doesn’t belong to me, now finally my younger brother is just ‘Okay, I’ll do it,'” Denny explained.

Raffi also mentioned Marshel no longer joined Denny’s younger brother’s management.

“Marshel is no longer a manager, Fajar is no longer a manager,” added Raffi.

However, Denny has joked about Fajar’s changes before and after his fame.

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