FIFA Matchday Lineup Prediction Indonesia vs Palestine, Kans Shayne Pattynama & Sandy Walsh Debut

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TRIBUNNEWS.IT – Take a look at the prediction for the Indonesia vs Palestine national team lineup for the upcoming FIFA Matchday in June 2023.

The Indonesian national team is expected to host Palestine on June 14, 2023.

And the Indonesian national team will reportedly start holding training camps starting June 6, 2023.

Which players will Shin Tae-yong be watching early next month?

Garuda’s team is likely to be strengthened with a new naturalized mainstay.

For example Shayne Pattynama and Sandy, who were naturalized but were unable to play FIFA Matchday last March.

This time, Shayne Pattynama and Sandy Walsh definitely have the opportunity to defend the Indonesian national team.

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If both are ready to return to their homeland, Shayne and Sandy will become a strong defense wall of Indonesia that will accompany Jordi Amat and Marc Klok

On the central side, Marselino Ferdinan will partner Sandy Walsh to set up the attack.

And in the vanguard of the attack, Dendy Sulistiawan and Dimas Drajat will try to finish in the best possible way.

Shin Tae-yong will not play for Garuda’s team for this day of FIFA.

The reason is that there is a leak that the Indonesian national team will face the Argentina national team in the same month.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian squad will likely be filled with overseas players.

Under the crossbar are two pillars Rami Hamadeh and Amr Kaddoura, regularly called up by the Palestinian national team.

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