Fire at Kebayoran Lama Lemigas Complex, a 70-year-old woman dies

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AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – The fire occurred at Lemigas Complex, Jalan Panjang Cidodol Gang H Amsar, Cipulir Village, Kebayoran Lama District, South Jakarta on Sunday (14/5/2023) afternoon.

As a result of the fire, one resident reportedly died.

“One victim died,” said the picket officer for the South Jakarta Fire Management and Rescue (Gulkarmat) office, Paryo.

Fire reports were obtained from residents who visited the nearest place at around 5.25pm ​​WIB.

The officers then immediately went to the scene and arrived around 17.29 WIB.

Sometime later, the fire was located at around 5:54 p.m. WIB.

During the fire, his group deployed 14 fire engines and 62 personnel.

“Cool down time at 6.55pm WIB. The blackout was declared over at 7.15pm WIB,” he said.

Until this news was published, the alleged cause, history, estimated losses and total number of houses burned were not yet known.

In his latest statement, Paryo said that the fire which engulfed two densely populated houses at Jalan Panjang Raya, Cidodol, Gang H Amsar, Cipulir Village, Kebayoran Lama District, South Jakarta on Sunday afternoon (14/5/2023), has resulted in two people becoming victims.

“One victim was injured while another died,” he said.

‘A male victim on behalf of Mr. Marsudi (70) was taken from Health Service Unit to RSPP while one person died on behalf of Hj Ida Farida (70),’ Gulkarmat Piket Officer said in South Jakarta on Sunday , Paryo (14/5/2023) ).

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The South Jakarta Fire Department Management and Rescue Sub-Agency (Gulkarmat) received information about the fire at around 5:25 PM WIB from residents who went to the nearest post.

“A total of about 14 units and 56 Gulkarmat officers have been dispatched to the fire site,” said South Jakarta Gulkarmat picket officer, Paryo.

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