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Curious about how to fly or get free plane tickets by exchanging them miles? Program list frequent flyers now and take benefithis!

I recently flew from Amsterdam to Singapore with Singapore Airlines FREE.

If I check, the ticket prices on the same date are approx IDR 13 million for a way.

For this flight, I only paid about IDR 1 million for taxes airport and government taxes.

I can fly for free to exchange a lot 70,000 Krisflyer miles for this flight Amsterdam-Singapore.

What is that miles?

Miles AND reward which was given when you signed up loyalty program an airline and you can exchange it with benefit-benefit Certain.

More or less similar to loyalty program in general – for example, if you shop at certain supermarkets, you can accumulate points and exchange them for gifts.

Well, you can also trade miles For upgrade business class, reservation free hotel rooms, too reservation even free plane tickets.

How to fly for free by trading miles?

Follow these steps to collect and convert miles:

1. Participate loyalty/frequent flyer program airline company

Every airline has loyalty program each or often also referred to by the term frequent flyers – For example GarudaMiles from Garuda Indonesia OR Singapore Airlines Krisflyer.

You can download the official app of the airline, therefore registration plan frequent flyers They.

After registering, you will receive a membership number in the form of numbers.

Usually these airlines are also united in an alliance, although there are airlines such as Emirates that are not members of any alliance or are independent.

Currently, in the world of “aviation” there are 3 of them great alliance this is:

Star Alliance

Home country: Gold silver

Airline companies Star Alliance Affiliate:

Aegean Airlines AirCanada Air China
Indian water Air New Zealand All Nippon Airlines
Asian Airlines Austrian airlines Avianca
Brussels Airlines Compa Airlines Croatian airlines
Egyptair Ethiopian airline Eva Aria
LOT Polish airlines Lufthansa Scandinavian airlines
Shenzhen Airlines Singapore Airlines South African Airways
SWISS TAP Air Portugal Thai Airways
Turkish Airlines United Airlines

A world

Home country: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald

Airline companies affiliated with Oneworld:

Alaska Airlines American airlines British Airways
Cathay Pacific Finnair Iberia
Japan Airlines Malaysia Airlines Qantas
Qatar Airways Royal Air Morocco Jordanian royal
Sri Lanka Airlines Fiji Airways Omani air


Home country: Elite, Elite Plus

Airline companies SkyTeam affiliates:

Argentine airlines Aeromexico Air Europe
Air France China Airlines China Eastern Airlines
Czech airlines Delta Airlines Garuda Indonesia
ITA Airways Kenya Airways KLM extension
Korean air Middle East Airlines saudi
Tarom Vietnam Airlines Virgin Atlantic
Xiamen air

So if you joint loyalty program Singapore Airlines Krisflyerautomatically you will also become a member of the Star Alliance.

The benefit, you can reap miles from partner airlines who are members of the Star Alliance (more details in the next section).

Increasingly miles that you collect, you can level up to a higher status so you can get benefit others like:

  • Priority check-in
  • Priority baggage handling
  • Priority lanes (security check and immigration)
  • Priority boarding
  • Room access
  • Extra baggage allowance

Notes: To qualify for Krisflyer Elite Gold, you must earn 50,000 miles within 12 months. Elite Gold status is valid for 12 months after attaining status, then you must earn an additional 50,000 miles to requalify. Krisflyer Elite Gold = Star Alliance Gold.

You can visit the official websites of the above three alliances for a more complete explanation of these state AND benefit which is offered.

We advise you to choose loyalty program from airlines that you use frequently or are still in your area of ​​domicile/residence.

If you live in Indonesia, yes you can join loyalty program airlines from the Asian region, if you live in Europe you can join the program European airlines.

I personally have membership in each of the above alliances:

  • Star Alliance Singapore Airlines Krisflyer
  • A world Qatar Airways Privilege Club
  • SkyTeam – GarudaMiles of Garuda Indonesia

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2. Collection miles

After joining the program frequent flyers the airline you want, it’s time to start collecting miles.

There are several ways to collect milesthis is:

Every time you fly, you can collect miles entering a number membership frequent flyers moment reservation flight ticket.

I already had time quote even if you can get miles from partner airlines.

For example in my case, because I have a Krisflyer account who is a member of the Star Alliance – when I fly with All Nippon Airlines (for example) – then so am I can claim miles on a Krisflyer account from this flight

It’s the same if I fly with KLM, miles I can credit my GarudaMiles account for the flight because both are SkyTeam members.

Tips: In order to accumulate miles quickly, it is better to communicate your membership number at the check-in counter before the flight, because if you use the partner airlines’ claim miles function via the app, it usually takes a long time: it takes 4-6 weeks to earn miles.

This method is suitable for those of you who travel frequently for work/ business tripWhere agency who pays you to fly

Also, you can collect miles by exchanging credit card points.

Again, I’ll give you an example of the Krisflyer program, and it really is a program frequent flyers they are more popular.

Singapore Airlines cooperates with banksso you can convert your points or credit card rewards into Krisflyer miles.

There are also credit cards that deliver sign up bonus module miles.

For example Kartu BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer visa signing that gives bonus Krisflyer miles until 10,000.

But usually there Terms and conditions also, how minimum spend – so better learn first.

You can See this article for credit card recommendations for earning Krisflyer miles.

This method is more suitable for those of you who use a credit card for business purposes.

The problem is if you do the accounts, to collect 30,000 miles (can fly One Way to Japan from Singapore) must spend 300 million IDR using a credit card (based on BCA Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Visa Signature Card miles conversion 1 mile = IDR 10,000).

  • Shopping, dining, travelling, having fun

Things you usually do every day can actually be traded miles also – like shopping on lineeat at the restaurant and so on!

Singapore Airlines has an app called Chris+ which offers attractive promotions, and actually converts miles better than with a credit card.

In fact, there are more partners in Singapore, so it is more suitable for holiday use.

You can sign up for Kris+ here and use my referral code S459887 so that we both can get KrisPay miles worth SGD5.

You can also get place reservation hotel like agoda with 1 USD conversion = 2 Krisflyer Miles (read here for all the information).

You can also transfer points from loyalty program large hotel chains such as Mariott Bonvoy, LeClub Accor, Hilton Honors.

3. Redeem air ticket using miles

Well if miles you collected, you can trade it (redeem) be a plane ticket.

It’s really easy! Just enter the application and search for flights by date and desired destination.

Usually, if you order in advance, you can get it cheaper.

For example, just to exchange tickets Singapore – Tokyo return (round trip)the amount of Krisflyer miles you need is 54,000 miles.

You can too to redeem free tickets for flights partner airlines Star Alliance members, such as All Nippon Airlines.

Just pay airport fees deh – depending on the destination country, it is usually around 1 million IDR.

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Redeem your free Singapore Airlines flight ticket

Redeem All Nippon Airlines free flight ticket


Do you understand more or less?

I summarize again what needs to be done:

  1. Join the program frequent flyers airline companies – which is also a member of the Star Alliance/Oneworld/SkyTeam alliance
  2. gather miles – flying, exchanging credit card points, other activities
  3. Edit miles then free tickets – you just have to pay airport fees

We hope it is useful! Please share to friends so that more will know.

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