Food mushroom cultivation consultancy is expected to boost the farmers economy in Karawang

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, Francis Adhiyuda

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Volunteer Ganjar Sejati pledges to participate to encourage community economy especially farmers in West Java to make it more prosperous.

This time, Ganjar Pranowo’s supporters held edible mushroom cultivation trainings with residents of Peundeuy Hamlet, Banyusari District, Karawang Regency.

Regional coordinator (Korda) Ganjar Sejati Subang and Karawang, Endang Koswara, said his group invited village residents, who are mostly rice farmers, to grow edible mushrooms from harvested rice stalks or straw.

“Since in Karawang most of the people are farming, we want to invite them to use the waste rice stalks which can be used as basic ingredients for mushrooms,” said Endang Koswara, Sunday (7/5/2023).

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Endang said his party also provided education to the villagers so that the rice straw waste could be used as a medium for growing mushrooms so that they could increase their income.

“People here don’t know. For this reason, we Ganjar Sejati volunteers want to educate the public so that the wasted stalks of rice can be useful and make money,” he said.

From this advice on mushroom cultivation, Ganjar’s supporters hope that the well-being of Karawang farmers will increase.

Endang said this advice was an impetus for his party to help boost the farmers’ economy in West Java.

“We hope the economy of the population of Karawang regency will increase. We also hope to boost the economy. Ganjar Sejati can help encourage and help from the point of view of marketing mushroom products to grow,” he said.

Endang added that the participants who attended the consultancy were very enthusiastic as they gained a lot of new knowledge and insights to increase their income as farmers.

“People who attended were very excited about this consultation,” she explained.

Apart from mushroom growing consultancy, Ganjar Sejati also conducts halalbihalal and provides reparations to the poor and orphans.

“We also get halalbihalal and reparations for the poor and orphans,” he continued.

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