Golkar’s VP reveals that Jakarta’s acting Kubu Raya president was rushed to hospital two days ago

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter Naufal Lanten

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – DPD Party Acting Chairman Kubu Raya Golkar M Iqbal Zafarullah who is reported to have dived in Kapuas River, West Kalimantan came to Jakarta a few days ago.

Golkar’s deputy chairman Ahmad Doli Kurnia said that when he arrived in Jakarta, M Iqbal was rushed to hospital.

“Actually two days ago the affected person was also present in Jakarta already sick. Sick. We took him to hospital,” Doli said during a press conference at RI KPU Building, Central Jakarta on Sunday (14/5/2023 ).

After being allowed to go home, he continued, M Iqbal also had time to register for a legislative election at KPU Kubu Raya.

Until the event finally plunged into the Kapuas River, it happened. He also believes that this incident is unrelated to political affairs.

“So I think it’s more of an individual personal matter. It has nothing to do with political parties,” Doli said.

As reported, Golkar Party DPP has opened its voice regarding Kubu Raya Golkar Party interim chairman M Iqbal Zafarullah allegedly jumped into Kapuas River, West Kalimantan on Sunday (14/5/2023).

Golkar’s deputy chair Ahmad Doli Kurnia said his party was aware of this information.

He said the search for M Iqbal was still ongoing until now.

“We have received this information, so far we cannot be sure, we are still looking for it,” Doli said during a press conference at KPU RI Building, Central Jakarta on Sunday (14/5/2023).

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He said M Iqbal was one of the best cadres owned by Golkar Party.

“Obviously we are very concerned, that is one of our best cadres, the one involved is the Golkar Party Task Force in one of the districts of West Kalimantan,” he said.

He also hopes that M Iqbal can be found in a safe and healthy condition soon.

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