Grade 2 elementary school boy in Sukabumi killed by classmates

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AMPONTOONS.COM, SUKABUMI – A second grader in Sukabumi Regency, West Java, is suspected of being beaten up by his classmate.

Apparently, the victim did not want to confess to her family when she was taken to the hospital.

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MHD (9) was a victim of beatings by his superiors while learning at school on Monday (15/05/2023).

Grandpa, MY, told of a time when his grandson didn’t want to admit the beatings he got.

To the doctor and her family, the victim did not dare to admit that she was beaten by her elders.

Even though they were forced to speak, the victim would not admit to having been abused.

“Eventually the doctor pretended to order the family to leave the room, and the family hid behind a curtain in the examination room. From there the victim just admitted to being attacked by 3 of her elders,” he said. said.

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Because Primaya Hospital was not accepting patients due to the violence, HY continued, his nephew was transferred to Hermina Hospital.

The victim’s condition was critical for 3 days, until finally the victim died on Saturday (5/20/2023).

The incident started when MHD was attacked by his seniors while learning at school on Monday (15/05/2023).

Then on Tuesday (16/05) the victim was beaten again by her upper class so she had to get medical treatment.

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“I said, if you are sick don’t go to school first, rest at home. However, at that time the victim insisted that he wanted to go to school. Then when he was at school, the victim was beaten again by the i his elders on Tuesday (5/16/2023),” he said.

Subsequently, the victim had convulsions, so the victim took him to Primaya hospital on Wednesday (16/5/2023).

“The victim who was critically ill for 3 days in hospital, then at 0800 WIB, died at Hermina hospital,” he said.

According to the doctor’s statement, the victim sustained internal injuries and limb injuries.

“The results of the postmortem examination showed that the victim had a ruptured blood vessel, a broken chest and a fractured spine,” concluded HY.

Currently, the bodies of MHD victims are being buried by their families and local residents in the area where they live.

This story was published in the West Java Tribune with the headline:

PILU Sukabumi Elementary School Boy Who Was Beaten To Death By Classmates, Family Hides Behind Doctor’s Curtain

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