Great Asia Africa Lembang, Two Continents Tourism in Bandung

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Panorama of Greater Asia Africa from the top of the cliff

Asia-Africa Summit (abbreviated Asia-Africa Summit OR KAA; sometimes also called Bandung conference) has written golden ink in our nation’s history. The conference between the newly independent countries took place between 18 April and 24 April 1955 in Gedung Merdeka, Bandung. Given the importance of this meeting, the conference has been immortalized like the names of streets, buildings and even tourist attractions. Like The Great Asia Africa Bandung to Lembang which takes KAA spirit to spoil tourists with quite affordable entrance ticket prices.

Lately I’ve been really thirsty to travel. It’s been over two years just struggling at home has made my mind uncertain. Said happy, I kept restless. Unfortunate to say, I mostly like working from home. That is why it is not clear where this heart is going. It takes a lot of travel, I guess.

Why have I rarely traveled in the last 2 years? The main reason for the pandemic. Job responsibilities are the next reason. Both are intertwined, binding heart and feet. It makes the heart so uncertain that direction. And the invitation to have a picnic in Lembang is like opening the valve of a bottle, revealing all the bad sensations of being locked up at home. Greater Asia Africa is relatively close to Serpong. Okay close. The essence of a picnic is not the destination but the journey.

So after discussing with our family we went to Bandung for the weekend.

The road to Greater Asia Africa

On our way to Greater Asia Africa, we set out from our home in Serpong. Trust Google Maps. Exit Merak – Jakarta toll road, go straight to S. Parman toll road. Enter Jakarta Inner Ring Road – Jakarta Toll Road – Cikampek.

There is no traffic jam as it leaves early in the morning. Because it rained last night, the sky and the air were very clean that morning. Without fog and smoke, you know Jakarta is surrounded by mountains đŸ™‚

After that, continue the journey to Cipularang – Purbaleunyi Toll Road, then continue the journey to Padalarang – Cileunyi Toll Road. The sky is still clear. Along this toll road you get a bonus, a mountain range that doesn’t know its name.

Then, take the exit towards the Pasteur toll booth.

After exiting Pasteur toll, direct your vehicle towards Jalan Doctor Djunjunan. After that, continue the journey to Jalan Doctor Setiabudi.

From the road, follow the road straight up to Jalan Raya Lembang. Follow the straight path until you meet The Great Asia Africa.

Entrance ticket price (HTM)

This tourist spot in Lembang is next to the Farmhouse across the road. If you bring your own vehicle, don’t worry about parking, it’s ample.

From this parking area begins a downhill path which will later meet the counter ticket purchase. The ticket price for The Great Asia Africa entrance is IDR 50,000 per person. Quite convenient. Because time is not limited, from the moment you enter until closing time. It is up to you.

The price of this entrance ticket can later be exchanged for a glass of drink at the food court to the left.

As it is still a pandemic situation, please prepare your Care to Protect application. Officers will also check body angles just before entering the area.

Greater Asia Africa Lembang, Around Asia-Africa in one place

Bandung has no shortage of ways to attract tourists. Lembang, known for its cool climate, gives birth to new tourist destinations every year. So even if you go to picnic many times in this beautiful area of ​​Bandung, there is just something to see.

Upon entering the Greater Asia Africa area, prepare strong knees. Because we are descending the valley from the rather steep hills of Lembang. But don’t worry as you will be trekking on a smooth concrete platform.

But even if you can’t walk, a gondola is available. No need to pay again as it is included in the ticket. It’s just a pity if you use the lift or the gondola, as there are not many spots that can be explored.

If we walk, for example, we will first be taken into the atmosphere of Korea. Well, this is a kind of kitchen for making kimchi. Well, Gondola will take you half way. To see the Indian region, you still have to rotate, which requires a strong knee. To go to Japan and Africa, you still have to walk.

Here are some rides I noticed:

1. Local Korean taste in Lembang Bandung

The first vehicle of this international tour with a local flavor is Korea. Miniature of Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul, South Korea. Provides a village feel where the Joseon Royal family used to live. Tops as a tourist destination and often appears in sageuk dramas.

Korean local taste

The name is miniature, yes, not exactly the same. But the gates, house doors and narrow alleys are enough to feel the Korean feeling. I noticed many visitors taking pictures in the alley with a wall full of murals advocating the theme as a backdrop.

Greater Asia Africa brings the concept of contemporary educational tourism. So the first encounter of international local taste tours in Korea is that we learn many kinds of traditional Korean food. The barrels for making rice wine and fermenting kimchi can also be seen here. Ready meals are also available at the kiosk.

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2. Pink City of Jaipur India

Traveling to India, many travelers find it difficult to choose because Mahatma Gandhi’s country is a big country with diverse cultures. Lots of great places to visit. Delhi alone is a fascinating mix of cultures and has it all. From rich history to amazing food.

Pink city of Jaipur

While Jaipur is known as the pink city, The pink city of Rajasthan. Not only Pink but also the most colorful city in India. This city is a blend and combination of Indian culture and modern experiences. Jaipur is probably India’s first planned city. Designed in pink as a symbol of hospitality.

Entering The Great Asia Africa in Lembang Bandung, travelers can feel the atmosphere of Jaipur city. Though it is not in the shape of a Hawa Mahal, The Pink City in Lembang can give some of its atmosphere and taste. It blends seamlessly with the Sultan’s Palace building to present the exposition to the city of Jaipur, known as ‘the pink city’.

Jaipur, the Pink City area for short, is a representation of India with beautifully decorated replicas of colorful buildings. Luxurious as a photo backdrop.

Here we can also hire Indian dresses for photography.

3. Japan in Greater Asia Africa Lembang

For me, the Japan area is the most interesting area. Upon entering this area, we will enter through a wooden gate that takes the form of a red tunnel at Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Kyoto, Japan. In Japanese villages you can take as many selfies and photos as you like. Because the garden has a traditional Japanese tinge, it has a very strong aura. Besides the traditional wooden houses there are also miniature pagodas.

Japan area

Especially upon entering this miniature Japanese village. I’m a baby boomer generation so I remember the movie Oshin a dozen years ago. If you love history and culture and are often fascinated by beautiful natural landscapes, these miniature Japanese villages can provide a bit of an introduction.

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Bridges, ponds, towers and souvenirs make Japan feel at your fingertips.

4. Africa

Towards the African zone

Even exotic Africa is tempting to be portrayed in this theme park in Lembang. The location is in the lower valley. It enters the Japanese zone and passes through a row of food markers that are also claimed as the Indonesian zone.

To be honest, this African area is just a trap. Some African-smelling knick-knacks are attached to the valley walls with huts that can be used as a place to enjoy the fresh air by the river.

And you friends, want to try The Great Asia Africa Lembang Bandung?

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