Group of Indonesian diplomats killed while sending aid to Myanmar, this is President Jokowi’s response

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Tribunnews reporter Larasati Dyah Utami

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – President Joko Widodo has raised his voice over the killing of a group of Indonesian diplomats who were about to send aid to Myanmar.

The President said that the current situation in the country does not let any party win, it only makes people become victims.

“Yesterday the AHA Center accompanied by the ASEAN monitoring team will deliver the humanitarian assistance. But it is really unfortunate that there was a shooting along the way,” said the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Labuan Bajo on Monday (8 /5/2023).

The president said that Indonesia, as ASEAN president, will continue to push for the implementation of the 5 consensus points (5 PCs), one of which is related to humanitarian assistance.

Various efforts were made, the Indonesian leadership was able to facilitate the AHA Center so that the Joint Needs Assessment could be completed which had been delayed for a long time due to access issues.

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However, Jokowi stressed that this incident will not dampen the determination of ASEAN and Indonesia to call for a return to a cessation of violence in Myanmar.

“Stop using force, stop the violence. Because people will be the victims. Because this condition won’t make anyone win,” Jokowi said.

“I invite you to sit down together to create a space for dialogue to find solutions together,” he continued.

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