Hiii… So awful! These are 5 original Indonesian Black Magic

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Original Indonesian Black Magic Hey Aladdin! Have you ever seen the movie Queen of Dark Arts? If not, this 2019 production film is remake from the film of the same name starring Suzanna in 1981. In the story, the main antagonist of both films uses supernatural powers or magic to achieve his evil goals. This is what is meant by black magic. In fact, black magic has been practiced in Indonesia since the days of the kingdom, the Dutch East Indies, after independence, until today. In today’s modern era, with massive digitization, it turns out that black magic in Indonesia is not extinct. Even adapting to the flow of the times. For example, as in the case of witchcraft, which can now be done by simply looking at someone’s photo from a mobile phone, etc. There are many types of black magic in Indonesia, here are 5 that are often practiced in Indonesia.

1. Sorcery

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Witchcraft is a person’s way of hurting others from a distance. Witchcraft is practiced by someone who holds a grudge, usually with the help of a shaman. Santet is believed to have originated from the language of the Osing tribe (native Banyuwangi tribe, East Java) which is an abbreviation of the word clenched fist (let follow) or bentet mesiano (let it break). People exposed to witchcraft can experience serious illnesses, paralysis, mental disorders, die tragically, etc.

2. Pesugihan

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Everyone definitely needs money to survive. But there are people who are obsessed with having a lot of money to satisfy their worldly desires. It is such people who tend to be seduced by the practice of pesugihan. Pesugihan is a ritual performed to obtain instant money and of course it involves supernatural beings. This ritual is not free, it requires a certain sacrifice or dowry required by supernatural beings for the performer. When they die, it is believed that the perpetrators of magical rituals will become slaves of supernatural beings who will “help” them gain instant wealth.

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3. Pellets

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Love is like this… suffering is infinite..” This is a lament often expressed by Cu Pat Kai, one of the characters in the Kera Sakti series, whose romantic experiences often fail. It is true that love can change a person’s attitude 180 degrees, to the point to take extreme actions if his love doesn’t work. unrequited. People who have been blinded by love can abuse many things just to get pseudo love, one of which is pellets. Pellets or amulets are a type of occult that works to influence a person’s subconscious to fall in love with the person who sent the pellet. Usually the person hit by the pellet will be dazed or unconscious and very eager to meet the person who sent the pellet.

4. Loss

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Leak is a magic that comes from Bali. Until now, Leak has been portrayed as a fearsome-faced creature with long canine teeth and bulging eyes, when in reality Leak is a human being who practices black magic. Humans who practice the science of loss can transform into living beings other than humans and inanimate objects and can even transform into fireballs. It is said that when someone pierces the neck of the fault from the bottom towards the head, if the head is separated from the body for a certain period of time, the fault will die.

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5. Looking

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Kuyang is a ghost who comes from Kalimantan. Just like Leak, Kuyang is actually a human (female) who practices black magic. Practitioners of this science can separate the head from the body at night to find prey. The separated head will float together with the internal organs such as heart, lungs, stomach, etc. If you have found prey, which is usually a baby or a woman’s blood after giving birth, the prey’s blood will be sucked out until it runs out and the kuyang will disappear. Kuyang can also transform into animals such as birds or cats.

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