His LP collection Imam Darto Enthusiastic Coldplay will perform in Jakarta

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AMPONTOONS.COM reporter, M Alivio Mubarak Junior

AMPONTOONS.COM, JAKARTA – Imam Darto admitted that he is excited about the Coldplay concert in Jakarta.

Not without reason, this comedian and actor calls himself a huge fan of Chris Martin and his friends.

Indeed, it also has several albums in the form of vinyl records.

“Many (favorite songs), there is Fix You, there is Yellow, there is Magic, I have all albums,” Imam Darto said when meeting in Sudirman area, South Jakarta on Wednesday ( 17/5/2023).

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“Having all the albums in vinyl form continues to really appreciate Coldplay’s past,” he continued.

However, he has yet to get tickets for the British band’s concert.

The plan is that he will return to participate in the ticket war to buy tomorrow, May 19th.

Imam Darto also plans to take his family to see Coldplay concert at Bung Karno Stadium on November 15th.

“What categories matter who sits because the kids are watching. It’s impossible for the festival to be between categories one, two or three,” she explained.

He also did not rule out the possibility of using the services of brokers if he could not get a ticket.

If that doesn’t work, Imam Darto plans to attend a Coldplay concert in Taiwan or Australia.

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