How to apply for a Chinese visa on your own (terms and fees) 2023

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If you want to take a vacation or continue to study in China, you must first apply for a visa. Method apply to The China visa itself is not too difficult, as long as the document requirements are complete.

In this article I will explain the procedure to apply for 2 types of visa viz tourist visa (L) AND student visa (X1/X2) To install China.

The procedure is more or less the same, the cost is the same. Only the document requirements are slightly different.

Now no longer handle the visa through the Chinese embassy.

The embassy has nominated visa application centre to deal with a visa application, it is the same as when applying for a visa for South Korea or Australia.

China Visa Latest Update (2023)

As of March 15, 2023, China visa applications, including for sightseeing (tourists), are open again.

Holders of valid valid visas (including those issued before March 28, 2020) can use them to visit China.

Visa-free policies will be reinstated for visiting Hainan, cruise ship passengers bound for Shanghai, and tour groups from ASEAN to Guilin and Guangxi (144 hours).

The latest travel conditions for visiting China (2023 update):

  • Have a passport with a valid / valid visa
  • Perform the antigen test (self-buffer) within 48 hours before departure and the result must be negative
  • Compile health declaration form via the link
  • Wear a mask during the flight to reduce the risk of infection.

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Visa Turis China (Categori L)

As an Indonesian citizen, you need a visa to enter China.

Except for Hong Kong and Macao, where these two special administrative regions require 30 days visa waiver for Indonesian tourists.

Recently, Hainan has also provided a 30-day visa-free policy for Indonesian passport holders to develop their tourism potential.

It is recommended that you apply for a Chinese visa at least 1 month before your intended departure.

Once approved, the China Tourist Visa will be valid for 90 days from the date of issue, with lived in China for a long time 30 days.

Document requirements for applying for a Chinese tourist visa

Prepare the following document requirements that must bepress on A4 size paper, and then sort the documents according to the following list when sending to visa application centre:

  1. Original passport. Valid for at least 6 months and has at least 2 blank pages.
  2. Photocopy of the first page of the passport.
  3. Visa application form. This form is obtained online via You must choose the same place where you applied for the visa. Fill in the requested personal data online and upload a recent photo with a white background. Print the form and include 2 passport photos (33mm x 48mm). Click here for clearer photographic requirements.
  4. Itinerary or plans voyage accompanied by proof of return flight tickets and proof of hotel reservations via the site or application.

Applicants under the age of 18 must attach a photocopy of the applicant’s birth certificate, a copy of the parents’ passport and a letter of parental consent allowing the child to travel unaccompanied by the parents.

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Steps to apply for a China tourist visa

You can apply for a Chinese visa through visa application centre located in Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya or Denpasar.

The following are the steps or procedures for applying for a China Tourist Visa:

1. Fill out the online visa application form

Now, the visa application form has to be filled on line through the site

Enter the site then move the cursor to the Indonesian flag, you can choose the city where to apply for the visa – Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya or Denpasar. Select one.

Click fast accessVisanew application formAgreethen a page will appear to enter your personal data.

In addition, you also have to make an appointment online in advance, even in the “manage appointment“.

Chinese visa application form

2. Come to the visa application center to apply for a visa

come to visa application centre second appointment what did you do online.

Bring all the required documents (passport, visa application form, photo ID and itinerary) that have beenpress on A4 paper and sorted.

You will receive a queue number. When called, the officer will check all documents. Desires received for the date of collection of the passport.

3. Make the payment when you pick up your passport and visa

Make payment on the day of passport collection. Happy! Your visa has been done! The processing time for a Chinese visa is usually 4 days.

Double check your personal data which is listed on the visa.

Chinese Student Visa (X1/X2)

There are two types of Chinese student visa, depending on how long you intend to study or study in China: X1 visa (over 180 days) AND X2 visa (less than 180 days).

Important! The X1 visa is valid only 30 days after arrival in China.

You must resubmit the name residence permit after arriving in China.

With residence permit here you can stay arrived in China 1 year (can be extended every year) and can enter and exit China.

Before leaving for China, you can first read my article on preparations that need to be made to study in China.

Document requirements to apply for a Chinese student visa

Documents required for apply to student visa (X1/X2) for China is:

  1. Original passport. Valid for at least 6 months and has at least 2 blank pages.
  2. Photocopy of the first page of the passport.
  3. Visa application form. This form is obtained online via You must choose the same place where you applied for the visa. Fill in the requested personal data online and upload a recent photo with a white background. Print the form and include 2 passport photos (33mm x 48mm).
  4. Letter of admission from the university (original and photocopy).
  5. “China Study Visa Application” form (JW201 or JW202) issued by a university or the Chinese Ministry of Education (original and photocopy).
Sample of my finished visa

Steps to apply for a Chinese student visa

The process is more or less the same as for the tourist visa, I will repeat it briefly:

  1. Fill out the visa application form online.
  2. Make an appointment in advance online through
  3. Arrive in visa application centreyou will receive a queue number, then after being called you will collect the required documents.
  4. Desires received for the date of collection of the passport.
  5. On the day of collection, show it received and make the payment.

Chinese visa fees

The total cost or price you have to pay to apply for a Chinese visa (single entry) for both tourists and students is IDR 851,000. In detail, IDR 500,000 (visa fee) + IDR 351,000 (cost of service and taxes).

Payment is made when taking the visa that has been done, it can be in cash, debit cards, but also credit cards.

Please see the table below for a more comprehensive visa fee:

Chinese visa fees

China visa application address

To apply for a visa, you can come directly to “China Visa Application Service Center”located in the following cities:


China Visa Application Service Center
Unit 6, 2nd Floor, East Building
Circolo Mega Kuningan Rd. Kav E 32 n. 1
East Kuningan Setiabudi, South Jakarta – 12950
Telephone: 021-5793 8655 ; Fax: 021-5793 8659


Royal Condominium Tower B,2na Flooring
Red Cross-Sukamulia No.1
Kelurahan Medan Aur, 20151
Medan-North Sumatra
Tel: 061-80013189; Fax: 061-80013187


502 Kompleks Graha Festival Kav No.3
Mayjend Yono Soewoyo Graha Family Street, Surabaya
Tel: 031-60039880 ; Fax: 031-60039881


Jl By Pass Ngurah Rai NO.165 (Grand Palace Hotel)
Sanur, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali
Tel: 0361-4491313 (15.00 – 16.00) ; Fax: 0361-4491025

Jam kerja China Visa Application Center

Working days: Monday to Friday.
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Sending practices and registration forms Hours: from 09.00 to 15.00
Visa payment and collection Hours: 09:00 to 16:00


There are several questions friends may often ask, I will explain as much as possible based on the sources and information I have gathered.

1. Do you need a visa to go to Shanghai?

The answer is yes, cities in mainland China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu all require a visa.

2. What about the Shenzhen visa on arrival (VOA)?

Usually, when people go to China, they like to visit three places at the same time, namely Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Macao.

Previously, if you wanted to visit Shenzhen from Hong Kong, you could apply visa on arrival by Lo Wu / Luo Hu Port.

This visa is valid for 5 days and can only be used for travel within Shenzhen.

It’s just, what I read and read, many were rejected when sending seen on arrival Shenzhen.

We recommend that if you want to visit Shenzhen, you also need to apply for a visa according to the above steps.

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3. Do you need a visa for Tibet?

The answer is yes, you also need a Chinese visa Tibet travel permit.

Tibet is still part of China which has the status of a region with special autonomy.

Entering Tibet cannot be arbitrary.

Tourists who want to go on vacation to Tibet must sign up with a travel agent or tour operatorsso I can’t go alone.

The agent will help you get the name Tibet travel permit.

Don’t forget before going to China to download the VPN application first.

You can also download Chinese applications that can help you on your journey, such as Wechat, Alipay or Didi.

These are the terms, the costs and also the steps apply to visa china last.

If you have any questions, you can contact directly visa application centre closest to your city

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