How to become a beginner freelancer, salary tens of millions

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How to be freelance for starters so they can get additional income and be able to work on line Where are you from?

Maybe you want to, right? You get pocket money or extra income – whether you’re still a student or someone already working – but you feel the salary isn’t enough.

Well, you can try the name freelancing.

You know, right? freelancing What is that?

in short words, freelancing that’s the kind of job that there is no bond or contract with the company.

Usually the job is more for Work or for project.

I’ll tell you a little about my experience, I too offered my services on the platform freelancing.

At that time I offered services management social media AND SEO friendly article writing.

At first we only received 1-2 customers, but after a while there were customers ordering 10 items at the same time.

My biggest project also wrote so much 150 item!

Obviously I didn’t do it, in the end I also needed the help of other people.

Earnings as a person freelance

Well, sometimes we think so freelance it is not a fixed income.

True, but if you can get customers that repeated orderyou will get income constant monthly.

For example, why I provide services social media management moreover, that I remain in-assume there are times almost a year.

So every month I planning Instagram content, design and posts.

During busy times, I kept 3 social media accounts and supply article on if I’m not mistaken 7 websites – and this is constant every month – apart from the single jobs I got at freelancing platform.

There are times a month that I produce more than IDR 10 million from freelancing aja.

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Freelance platform

Ok, to offer services freelancingyou can use different platforms – in Indonesia there are,, sociabuzz concertbut I personally use fastwork.

If foreign sites, the most famous, there fiverr AND upwork.

If you feel more comfortable communicating in Indonesian, you can simply use the national sites.

Well, if for abroad it can load higher pricebut the competition is fierce, because they are the ones offering the service freelance Worldwide.

Furthermore, you must also have adequate knowledge of the English language.

But there’s no harm in trying, really creating a free account.

If you want to offer your services on all sites freelancing there is, why not?

How to be freelance beginner

So, here I will share the steps you can take to start a career as a freelance.

1. Define the services freelancing based on the skills you have

If you are good at design, you can offer design services, or programming, content writing, to translateand so on.

I give an example of the services available at Fastwork, right? The problem is that I actually use Fastwork.

What if you don’t have any skills? can try a simple job like typing, data entry, voiceoveror leave a review.

So, my advice – always upgrade skills and yourself learning new knowledge so you can achieve more opportunity.

2. Create an account on the site freelancing

After that, you can sign up for an account on any freelancer site you think is suitable – if you want to sign up for an account on all sites, that’s fine too.

Again because I’m at fastwork, I’ll give you an example on this platform.

Complete your profile and the job you want to offer.

you can control freelance others like references, how they do job descriptions, and what prices they offer.

3. Prepare a portfolio

Don’t forget to prepare a portfolio as well.

It doesn’t have to be in the form of a CV, because clients usually want to see the work you’ve done before.

If usually compile of Google Drive so that if there are customers who ask, they can do it directly share the link Just ask.

Example of my portfolio

Well, later, when you have completed your profile and work, fastwork will review it.

If all the information is correct, your work will be active and alive.

I also mentioned earlier that there is no cost for registering with fastwork.

But quick work will do deduct the 10% service charge from the price we accept as freelance.

For example, if the service you offer costs 100,000, it means that when the work is finished you will receive 90,000.

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Tips for getting job offers from clients

Now I will share tips on how to get job offers from clients.

Ideally anyway Your profile or job must be in the first view quick work page.

So, you have exposure which is bigger and when people are looking for a particular job, they can see your profile immediately.

So as much as possible, create an interesting profile from the title to a full job description.

So from fastwork itself, I have mentioned what are the factors that can affect your position:

  1. How responsive you are to responding if a customer chats. So if you have a quick answer, the answer is quick, of course experience better customers, so this will be a plus for you.
  2. How many job offers arrive and turn into payments.
  3. You are able to finish the job on time.
  4. Reviews provided by customers. If the customer is satisfied with your results and gives a good review, Fastwork will surely be more willing to recommend your profile and your work.

OK, that’s as much information as possible share about how to be a person freelance especially for those of you who are still beginners so that you can get some extra pocket money.

Good luck!

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